Top 10 Post on NetBeez Blog for 2015


At NetBeez we post a new blog every week. Being a networking company our main goal is to educate and inform our audience around networking topics that range from how to monitor with ping to more advanced subjects such as network tomography. From time to time we post opinion articles in order to stir some discussion and we love to hear people’s opinions on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Medium.

In addition, blogging is a learning experience for us since we have to do our research on each topic. More importantly we learn what our audience likes to read by measuring the page views of each post. At the end of each year we conduct a review of our blog to find out what worked and what didn’t. Here are the 10 posts that received the most attention in 2015:

  1. Network Monitoring with Iperf: Raspberry Pi vs. Odroid vs. Banana Pi vs. Utilite

At NetBeez we test and play with many low-cost single board computers. This article compares the Iperf performance of some of the most popular platforms.

  1. How can you measure bandwidth?

How to use Iperf for bandwidth, QoS, and multicast measurement and testing.

  1. Raspberry Pi and Distributed Network Monitoring: The Platform

The Raspberry Pi is the platform we use for our FastE agents. In this article we discuss how they rate in terms of support, availability, size, price, and reliability.

  1. Monitoring leaf spine data centers with NetBeez

How to monitor and measure end-to-end availability and performance in large leaf-and-spine data centers.

  1. Scripting for fun and profit

Ping, Traceroute, and file transfer as synthetic network monitoring tools.

  1. Building network monitoring targets with PING and TRACEROUTE

How Ping and Traceroute can be combined for mesh end-to-end network monitoring.

  1. 3 Phases of Network Monitoring in 3 Decades

A historical overview and current trends in network monitoring: SNMP in the 1990’s, flow data analysis in the 2000’s, and synthetic end-user monitoring in the 2010’s.

  1. Beyond Raspberry Pi

A Seven-point comparison of the Raspberry Pi vs. Odroid C1+ vs. the Banana Pi vs. Utilite.

  1. Network Monitoring is Boring!

Stefano’s view that network engineers find monitoring boring because they would prefer to design and build networks instead. It stirred quite some discussion on LinkedIn!

  1. HTTP transaction timing breakdown with curl

How to use the curl utility to measure HTTP transaction timing.

After looking at this top 10 list we learned that the posts that receive the most attention are those that teach something. More than half of this list is how-to’s or other types of educational material. Moving into 2016, we’ll make sure to bring you more posts…

My wish for you in 2016 is to keep reading! And more importantly start blogging! Happy Holidays!

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