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Healthcare services can't afford downtime

In healthcare systems, wireless mobility plays a vital role in enabling efficient patient care and rapid response to medical emergencies. Network performance is essential for delivering a seamless digital experience with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), telemedicine services, and medical devices like Carts On Wheels.

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NetBeez provides WiFi sensors that can be strategically deployed in critical areas such as emergency rooms, intensive care units, and operating rooms, where troubleshooting onsite can be challenging. These sensors enable IT teams to efficiently detect and identify critical network performance issues that may disrupt crucial and time-sensitive healthcare operations. By leveraging NetBeez, healthcare systems gain the ability to quickly respond to and address network problems, ensuring uninterrupted access to essential medical services and enhancing patient care.

Deploy WiFi Sensors to hospitals and remote clinics

Granular, raw data for detecting intermittent issues



NetBeez allowed our team to reduce the time spent resolving tickets by 75% – from two weeks (on average) to under two days.

Curtis Larsen

Principal Wireless Engineer

Handle complex networks

See the issues from the user's perspective

Get network availability under control

Redice ticket resolution time up to 80%

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How to use the NetBeez Wi-Fi sensors to monitor the wireless network from the client's perspective.

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