Give Your Branch Users
the Network They Deserve

NetBeez monitors WANs and SD-WANS in real-time,
and from the end-user’s perspective.

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Detect Network Problems
Before Users Do.

Proactive Network Monitoring from the end-user’s perspective.

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Network monitoring and testing
from the end-user perspective

  • Proactively detect network problems
  • Cut down troubleshooting time
  • Real-time and remote network monitoring
  • Capture the true end-user experience
See it Live!
NetBeez network monitoring dashboard.

Troubleshooting SDN Performance Use Case

Learn how a nationwide insurance firm struggling to identify and troubleshoot performance issues in an SDN environment was able to address VoIP performance issues and reduce TTR.

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“With NetBeez, we are able to see how traffic is routing back to our data centers from the local offices, which helps us identify latency, packet loss, and asymmetric routing problems.”

Eric GoodwinSystems Architect at Veterans United Home Loans

“I can quickly access the network availability and application performance data collected in real-time by all the agents. This translates to faster problem resolution, decreased downtime and reduced tech dispatches.”

Ernest WilliamsNetwork Manager at eiNetwork

“Thanks to the active and end-to-end performance tests run by NetBeez, our support team can now save time and resources in addressing remote network performance issue on WiFi and Ethernet networks.”

Dave KrugerNetwork Architect at NEC XON


Wireless Monitoring

To assure WiFi reliability and performance, wireless engineers must gather connectivity and performance data with 802.11 sensors deployed closest to the users.

Office Monitoring

Deploy hardware and software agents at remote offices that continuously verify connectivity, Internet speed, and application performance from the end-user perspective.