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Extending performance network monitoring to the home office

Resolve Issues Faster

Legacy network monitoring tools simply report the device status, making it difficult to pinpoint the root cause of end-user experience issues. NetBeez provides the visibility required to detect and troubleshoot in a timely manner network performance issues that end-users are experiencing.

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Rely on distributed and proactive network monitoring to cut down troubleshooting time

Real-time raw data feeds from multiple locations identify issues before users, even if the root cause isn’t the network.

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“We reduced the time spent resolving tickets by 75% – from two weeks on average to under two days.”

Curtis, Principal Wireless Engineer, Regional Medical Center

Unified Network Monitoring

Monitor all your networks with one dashboard: NetBeez appliances and software endpoints monitor the end-user experience for corporate networks, including Wi-Fi, public clouds, and home environments.

WAN and SD-WAN Monitoring

Wi-Fi Monitoring & Assurance

Work From Home Tech Support

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