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Minimize business downtime

Assure network performance and accelerate incident resolution

Capture every event with granular data

Use NetBeez for granular network performance metrics with one-second intervals, reducing troubleshooting time by up to 80%. Identify root causes quickly and keep users happy.

Locate, isolate, and address the root cause

Rather than experiencing the same problem over and over again, use NetBeez to accurately isolate the time and location of issues. Retain historical data to identify trends and perform root cause analysis on recurring issues.

Detect problems before users do

Perform real-time, end-to-end network testing from the user perspective with continuous active monitoring. Detect service failures, network and application performance degradations quickly.

Handle complex networks

See the issues from the end-user's perspective

NetBeez tech specs & features

Multiple server deployment options

  • On-prem as a virtual appliance
  • On public clouds such as AWS, Azure, or Google
  • Hosted by NetBeez

Agents support extensive tests and measurements

  • Network latency, round-trip time, packet loss
  • VPN and SaaS monitoring
  • DNS tests and performance
  • Download and upload internet speed
  • VoIP performance with jitter and MOS

Flexible support & integration options

  • Plug-and-play hardware or software network agents
  • Lightweight clients for Windows and Mac OS endpoints
  • Monitor home and enterprise WiFi networks
  • Notifications via SMTP, SNMP, Syslog, and webhooks
  • Integrations with ServiceNow, Splunk, MS Teams, Slack, and more

NetBeez is trusted all over the globe


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South Africa

The data from the NetBeez sensors shed light on metrics that we weren’t able to capture before with traditional network monitoring tools based on SNMP and NetFlow. Thanks to the active and end-to-end performance tests run by NetBeez, our support team can now save time and resources in addressing remote network performance issues.

Dave Kruger

Technical Director at Myria Solutions, CCIE #25701 Emeritus


With NetBeez we gained the ability to determine the root cause and solve intermittent Wi-Fi problems in under an hour. Without NetBeez it would have taken a very long time to even discover the issue after receiving a student complaint.

Christopher Pepper

Network Engineer at University of Rhodes Island


Network performance monitoring vendor NetBeez has introduced a new Work-From-Home Agent that extends granular, real-time visibility into end-user experience in any home office, thus closing the visibility gap created by the surge in remote workers.

Shamus McGillicuddy

VP of Research Network Infrastructure and Operations, EMA Research

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