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Remote workers and network performance

The sudden increase in Work From Home (WFH) users has taken IT by surprise. Infrastructure and Operations teams have now to support a larger number of “remote locations” than ever before. Efficiency and accuracy in monitoring remote workers’ network performance is key.

NetBeez increases IT productivity by:

  • Monitoring the network and applications from the end-user perspective
  • Accelerating root cause analysis thanks to proactive alerts and incident detection
  • Measuring network speed and performance of Internet connections

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Remote worker network monitoring capabilities
Remote worker network monitoring dashboard

Remote worker network monitoring benefits

  • Accelerates insight into remote user issues
  • Reduces time required for root cause analysis
  • Enforces Internet SLA


  • Internet connectivity and speed verification
  • Voice-over-IP performance testing
  • VPN monitoring from the client perspective
  • Network versus application issue insight
  • Automated reports and analytics
  • Management via centralized dashboard

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Find out how you can easily monitor the WFH user experience. NetBeez is extending the power of its high performance network monitoring with its new End User Agent for Windows and MacOS users.

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Remote Worker Network Monitoring Webinar