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Network Monitoring

Real-time end-user experience monitoring

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“NetBeez allows us to optimize our totally remote workforce, providing unparalleled visibility into connectivity analytics and diagnosis.”

Brian Conneen, CIO, Best Egg

Remote workers and network performance

Increase remote user and help desk productivity and reduce field support costs with remote user network performance monitoring:

  • Monitoring the network and applications from the end-user perspective
  • Accelerating root cause analysis thanks to proactive alerts and incident detection
  • Measuring network speed and performance of Internet connections

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Endpoint Features

  • Network connectivity and performance
  • WiFi network monitoring
  • VPN availability
  • Web and DNS checks
  • VoIP testing
Remote Worker Network Monitoring

Remote worker network monitoring benefits

  • Accelerates insight into remote user issues
  • Reduces time required for root cause analysis
  • Enforces Internet SLA


  • Internet connectivity and speed verification
  • Voice-over-IP performance testing
  • Monitoring of VPN services and performance
  • Ethernet, WiFi, and VPN interface status
  • Troubleshooting from a centralized dashboard

Extend Network Performance Monitoring to the Home Office

Enterprises have experienced a massive surge in employees who are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. EMA has observed enterprises realigning their network architecture by scaling up VPN capacity and expanding their use of the cloud for application delivery. This comes at no cost for support and tech teams. NetBeez enables operations teams need to support business continuity by adjusting their operational monitoring capabilities.

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