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Overcoming WAN Challenges in Financial Cloud Networks

Financial services organizations encounter significant network performance challenges in multi-site and hybrid cloud environments. The management of Wide Area Networks (WANs) across multiple locations, while ensuring consistent performance, presents a complex task. These institutions heavily rely on secure and dependable connectivity to facilitate seamless communication and data transfer between branches, headquarters, and remote sites.

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NetBeez offers a comprehensive solution specifically for financial services. By deploying NetBeez agents across diverse sites and hybrid cloud environments, organizations gain real-time visibility into the performance of their WAN and cloud connections. These agents continuously monitor critical metrics, such as latency, bandwidth available, and application response time, enabling financial services institutions to proactively identify and resolve network performance issues.

Deploy WiFi Sensors at remote offices

Granular, raw data for detecting intermittent issues



With NetBeez, we are able to see how traffic is routing back to our data centers from the local offices, which helps us identify latency, packet loss, and asymmetric routing problems ... in NetBeez currently, we can monitor not only resources our users connect to in our data centers, but access to resources in the cloud.

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NetBeez: Technology overview and solution benefits.

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