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Our Story

When Stefano Gridelli, CEO, was a network engineer at a major world wide healthcare company, he needed to understand network and application performance in many different remote locations. The existing tools could tell him if the switches and routers were running properly, but they couldn’t provide details about problems end-users were encountering, such as application outages or slow Internet response time. This issue greatly increased help ticket escalation time because so much time was spent trying to determine the causes of the problems.

NetBeez was born out of necessity when he teamed up with a couple of computer science PhDs, Panickos Neophytou, CTO, and Panos Vouzis, COO. The three of them began extensively researching the topic of network engineering; ultimately, their research led them to found NetBeez in 2013 in the Pittsburgh accelerator AlphaLab.

Stefano Gridelli

Co-founder & CEO

Stefano worked as a network engineer, leading network design and implementation projects in complex network environments. He earned his MBA at Carnegie Mellon University, where he got involved with Pittsburgh’s vibrant startup scene. As CEO, he’s responsible for executing the company’s mission of delivering a network monitoring solution for large and distributed enterprise networks.

Stefano Gridelli

Panickos Neophytou

Co-founder & CTO

Panickos earned his PhD in computer science from the University of Pittsburgh. He has been building distributed data-stream processing and data management systems for over ten years. Panickos is the system architect and technical driving force behind the development of NetBeez.

Panickos Neophytou

Panos Vouzis

Co-founder & COO

Panos holds an MS in computer engineering and informatics from the University of Patras in Greece, as well as a PhD from Lehigh University. He holds a patent in Greece as well as one in the United States. Panos developed parallel computing algorithms at Carnegie Mellon University before co-founding NetBeez. He is in charge of operations and developing the perfect “Beez.”

Panos Vouzis

Board Advisors

Reza Malekzadeh
General Partner at Partech

Jim Wrubel
Software Portfolio Executive at Innovation Works

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