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Wireless Connectivity: Fueling Exceptional Digital Education

Universities and education institutions heavily rely on wireless connectivity to ensure a positive end-user experience to digital resources, online learning platforms, and collaborative tools. Students need access to educational resources without disruptions to participate to virtual classes and collaborate effectively. By prioritizing wireless performance, universities can deliver exceptional education to their students and foster a technology-rich learning environment.

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By deploying NetBeez WiFi sensors throughout campuses and key areas, universities can gain real-time visibility into network performance and address potential issues proactively. These sensors enable IT teams to monitor critical metrics, such as latency, throughput, and signal strength, ensuring optimal connectivity for students and faculty.

WiFi Monitoring Sensor

Deploy WiFi Sensors to capture the student digital experience

Granular, raw data for detecting intermittent issues



With NetBeez we gained the ability to determine the root cause and solve intermittent Wi-Fi problems in under an hour. Without NetBeez it would have taken a very long time to even discover the issue after receiving a student complaint.

Christopher Pepper

Network Engineer

Handle complex networks

See the issues from the user's perspective

See the problem from the client perspective

Redice ticket resolution time up to 80%

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How to use the NetBeez Wi-Fi sensors to monitor the wireless network from the client's perspective.

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