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Telecom's Task: Seamless Network Performance

Telecommunication providers offering connectivity services to both private and business users face the critical task of ensuring reliable and seamless network performance. The ability to deliver high-quality connectivity is paramount in meeting the diverse needs of customers, who rely on robust internet connections for personal and professional purposes.

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NetBeez offers a comprehensive solution to assist telecommunication providers in optimizing their network performance. By deploying NetBeez agents across various points of presence and customer locations, providers gain real-time visibility into network metrics such as latency, packet loss, and throughput. This allows them to proactively monitor and identify potential issues, ensuring that private and business users receive uninterrupted and high-performance connectivity.

Detect latency, packet loss, and throughput issues in seconds

Granular, raw data for detecting intermittent issues



The data from the NetBeez sensors shed light on metrics that we weren’t able to capture before with traditional network monitoring tools based on SNMP and NetFlow. Thanks to the active and end-to-end performance tests run by NetBeez, our support team can now save time and resources in addressing remote network performance issues.

Dave Kruger

Technical Director at Myria Solutions

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