Network Performance Monitoring

Remote, end to end, and from the end-user perspective

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NetBeez is a distributed network monitoring solution that runs end-to-end performance tests from the end-user's perspective. Compared to legacy network monitoring solutions that just report device status information, and are centralized, NetBeez provides network engineers with data and intelligence to troubleshoot network incidents and end-user experience issues in the most complex infrastructures. Appliances and software monitoring agents capture the digital experience for remote users, thanks to real-time and historical performance metrics.

Granular, raw data for detecting intermittent issues

Sampled data doesn’t tell the whole story, especially when troubleshooting network performance issues in complex and distributed environments. NetBeez delivers granular, raw data to cut down troubleshooting times. You can get the whole picture over time versus samples.

Granular, real-time data for network monitoring

Integration with leading Networking Vendors

NetBeez virtual and Docker images run on Cisco Catalyst and ISR, Extreme Network switches, and virtualization environments such as VMware, Nutanix, and KVM systems. Check out our documentation integrations list to learn more about each one of them.

Network monitoring integrations

Network Monitoring Testimonials


With NetBeez, we are able to see how traffic is routing back to our data centers from the local offices, which helps us identify latency, packet loss, and asymmetric routing problems ... in NetBeez currently, we can monitor not only resources our users connect to in our data centers, but access to resources in the cloud.

Eric Goodwin

Systems Architect

South Africa

The data from the NetBeez sensors shed light on metrics that we weren’t able to capture before with traditional network monitoring tools based on SNMP and NetFlow. Thanks to the active and end-to-end performance tests run by NetBeez, our support team can now save time and resources in addressing remote network performance issues.

Dave Kruger

Technical Director at Myria Solutions

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