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Monitoring SaaS and application performance is a key requirement also for a network monitoring solution. Unfortunately, traditional tools were not designed for this task. NetBeez fills this gap in network monitoring. Network agents and software endpoints run end-to-end tests that capture the true end-user experience to a variety of SaaS and on-prem applications. Thanks to the insights provided by NetBeez, IT operations teams can greatly reduce detection and resolution time of SaaS and application performance issues.

Monitor SaaS and VoIP applications

Understand the end-user experience of your remote workers to SaaS, internal application, voice and video conferencing systems. With NetBeez, infrastructure and operations team:
- Accelerate insight into remote user issues
- Reduce time required for root cause analysis
- Empower the help desk team to address user tickets
- Reduces tickets escalations to L2/L3 staff

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Granular, raw data for detecting intermittent issues

Sampled data doesn’t tell the whole story, especially when troubleshooting performance issues in complex environments. NetBeez delivers granular, raw data to cut down troubleshooting times. You can get the whole picture over time versus samples.

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With over 50 targets configured in NetBeez currently, we can monitor not only resources our users connect to in our data centers, but access to resources in the cloud.

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