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Monitor wireless networks from the client's perspective

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WiFi network monitoring software that reports data from the wireless access points and controllers is not sufficient troubleshooting clients' issues. When a performance issue arise, the engineer has to quickly understand if the problem is caused by the wireless client, the quality of the wifi signal, the wireless infrastructure, the wired infrastructure, including the Internet, or the application.

NetBeez is a wireless network monitoring tool that collects real-time wifi network connectivity and client performance data, such as signal strength, link quality, etc. enabling faster root cause analysis than traditional network monitoring solutions.

Deploy WiFi network monitor sensors at remote offices

NetBeez sensors are equipped with WiFi and Ethernet cards for monitoring and reporting key performance metrics. The units can be powered via Power-over-Ethernet or Power Supply Unit. The performance data is sent in real-time to the dashboard for display and troubleshooting. Understand your end-users experience and connection speed on managed and unmanaged WiFi networks, deploy WiFi network monitor sensors at remote offices to ensure service availability and performance.

WiFi monitoring sensor location

Collect WiFi metrics and connection timing insights

Measure network latency, jitter, and packet loss to the default gateway
Run network speed test and iperf
WiFi connection timing: Association, Authentication and DHCP
WiFi signal strength and link quality
Band, channel, BSSID and bit rate established
Discover available wireless networks remotely
Support for open, pre-shared, and EAP/802.1x authentication
Monitor multiple SSIDs with to SSID hopping
WiFi analyzer with packet capture

Remote worker network monitoring data includes wifi monitoring metrics such as signal strength and link quality

WiFi Monitoring Testimonials


NetBeez allowed our senior engineers to focus more on our jobs at hand, including new architectures, new rollouts, long term high impact projects. We reduced the time spent resolving tickets by 75% – from two weeks (on average) to under two days.


Wireless Network Engineer


With NetBeez we gained the ability to determine the root cause and solve intermittent Wi-Fi problems in under an hour. Without NetBeez it would have taken a very long time to even discover the issue after receiving a student complaint.

Christopher Pepper

Network Engineer

Handle complex WiFi networks

See the issues from the wireless devices perspective

Reduce ticket resolution time up to 80%

Simple to use wireless network monitor

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