Simple and scalable pricing.

Hardware, software, and support is included. Price is based on number of locations and type of agents to be managed by the dashboard.

All NetBeez Subscriptions Include:

Starting at $3,600


  •  Real-time monitoring tests (Ping, DNS, HTTP, Traceroute)
  •  Scheduled performance tests (iPerf, Speedtest, VoIP)
  •  Unlimited user accounts
  •  On-Prem or Cloud Server
  •  Real-time up-down and performance alerts
  •  Self-hosted dashboard


  •  Automated software updates and bug fixes
  •  24×7 email and phone support
  •  Live chat support
  •  Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  •  Access to best practices tutorial and documentation
  •  Quarterly Business Reviews


  •  Support for SMTP, SNMP, and Syslog
  •  Splunk
  •  Slack
  •  PagerDuty
  •  Public API


  •  Custom report templates
  •  Automated reporting
  •  Exportable reports in PDF format
  •  Unlimited data retention
  •  Support for public dashboard
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Do you offer monthly contracts?

No. We offer annual or multi-year contracts. NetBeez invests in our customers and find that the most value is gained when customers utilize us over a long period of time. Special discounts are available for multi-year contracts.

Where does the dashboard run?

The dashboard runs on top of a dedicated server, which can be deployed on-premise at your datacenter as a virtual appliance, or in the cloud. The NetBeez server can run on any public cloud (e.g. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud).

Can the dashboard be hosted in the cloud?

Yes. You can deploy your dashboard on a public cloud, or we can host it for you. The NetBeez server can run on any public cloud (e.g. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud).

Is the hardware included in the subscription price?

Yes. If you request Ethernet or WiFi sensors you don’t have to pay any additional one-time cost for the hardware. The hardware is included as part of the subscription, and leased as long as it’s covered by an active subscription. Support and RMA for the hardware is included.

What's included in the $3600 price?

The starting price includes five Ethernet hardware agents, the virtual appliance needed to run the central server and dashboard, and full NetBeez tech-support for one year.

How many sensors do I need per location?

Generally, we advise installing one Ethernet and one WiFi per office or building. Larger buildings may require more sensors based on the size (e.g. number of floors) of the building and, in the case of WiFi sensors, based on the number of areas where users congregate.

Do you support Raspberry Pi?

Yes. NetBeez supports the Raspberry Pi platform. You can use your own Raspberry Pi or use the hardware that we include with each subscription. If you are using your own Raspberry Pi, you can install the NetBeez agent as a Linux package, or download the pre-installed image we have built. You can find more information on our online documentation.

What’s the difference between the WiFi and the Ethernet sensor?

Both sensors run the same type of tests. The only difference is that the WiFi sensor has two interfaces: one Ethernet, that is used to connect back to the central server, and one WiFi, that is used to run the monitoring tests.

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