Documents and Videos



NetBeez – Features and specs

In this document you will find the specifications of the monitoring agents and central server plus key features of the network monitoring and testing solution.

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Troubleshooting with NetBeez – Use Cases

This document illustrates the benefits of distributed network monitoring delivered by NetBeez via three use cases experienced by customers.

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Troubleshooting internet outages

This document presents a typical scenario of an Internet outage occurring in a multi-site enterprise network.

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NetBeez: Technology Overview and Benefits

This document summarizes the technology behind NetBeez and the benefits it offers to enterprises.

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Monitoring wireless networks with NetBeez

This document goes over a number of use cases for monitoring wireless clients in an enterprise environment.

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Network monitoring guide to remote offices
This document explains how to implement network monitoring for remote offices.

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Slide Decks

Distributed Network Monitoring – Interop Presentation

This slide deck accompanied NetBeez’ distributed network monitoring presentation at Interop Las Vegas.

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How To Monitor DNS and Cloud Services

This slide deck accompanied NetBeez’ webinar on how to use distributed network monitoring for DNS and cloud services.

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Running NetBeez on Cisco ISR

This slide deck shows how to install and configure a NetBeez agent as a virtual service on a Cisco ISR platform.

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