Industry Papers

Learn how proactive network monitoring is improving time to resolution, ticket escalation and the amount of time and resources spent troubleshooting in various industries!
A Healthcare Use Case
A Banking Use Case
A Higher Ed Use Case
A Tech Use Case

Slide Decks

Download our ‘How To’ slide decks to learn how to set up your Beez as well as see NetBeez’ presentations at Interop and Cisco Live!

Distributed Network Monitoring with Raspberry Pi

Check out our Cisco Live 2017 presentation to learn how the Raspberry Pi enabled network engineers to monitor their wired and WiFi networks.

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Running NetBeez on Cisco ISR

Learn how to install and configure a NetBeez agent as a virtual service on a Cisco ISR platform.


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Distributed Network Monitoring – Interop Presentation

See our distributed network monitoring presentation from Interop 2016.

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How To Monitor DNS and Cloud Services

This slide deck accompanied our webinar on how to use distributed network monitoring for DNS and cloud services.

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Videos and Webinars

Previously hosted webinar recordings with slides and insightful videos about network monitoring from the end-user perspective.
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White Papers and Knowledge Briefs

Guides on how to monitor your network through a wired or wireless network as well as NetBeez’ product guides.
Guide to Remote Office Monitoring thumbnail

Guide to Remote Office Monitoring 

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s crucial to have immediate visibility in user experience and performance, especially at remote sites. This guide will take you through troubleshooting network issues to make your job easier, and your end users happier.

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Operational Guidelines and Tools for Network Testing 

When it comes to network testing, the most efficient methodology and tools is the formula for success. The issues technicians encounter are losing focus or skipping steps when under pressure. In this paper, Tony Fortunato will help build your toolbox and methodology.
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NetBeez Features and Specs

Specifications of the NetBeez monitoring agents and central server, plus key features of the network monitoring and testing solution.


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Technology and Benefits Overview

Learn about the technology behind NetBeez and how its adoption as a network monitoring solution leads to quick ticket escalation and reduced time to detection and repair for enterprises.

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Guide to Monitoring Your Wireless from the Client Perspective

Did you know that 80% of enterprise environments like higher education, retail, hospitality and healthcare’s users are wireless users?

With that being said, having excellent uptime, quick ticket escalation and immediate problem detection is key to maintaining excellent service.

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