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Guides on how to monitor your network through a wired or wireless network as well as NetBeez’ product guides.

Case Studies

Read from our customers how NetBeez helped their teams to efficiently detect and troubleshoot network problems, saving time and resources in the process.

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Watch the latest NetBeez webinars and videos about network monitoring, product updates, and customer use cases.

White Papers and Solution Briefs

Guides on how to monitor your network through a wired or wireless network as well as NetBeez’ product guides.

Work From Home Network Monitoring Demo

The remote worker agent by NetBeez provides digital experience monitoring, including network speed, VoIP quality, and Wi-Fi performance. Watch this live demo showing how performance issues during a video call are reported on the NetBeez dashboard for troubleshooting.

NetBeez WFH Network Monitoring

Extending Network Performance Monitoring to the Home Office

Enterprises have experienced a massive surge in employees who are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the analysis by Shamus McGillicuddy at EMA.

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How to monitor sd-wan and multi-cloud

SD-WAN and Multi-Cloud Network Monitoring Best Practices

This guide helps network engineers, architects and executives implement best practices in network monitoring to support SD-WAN and multi-cloud deployments.

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Remote Call Center Network Monitoring Best Practices

Read this new brief to learn how NetBeez can help your team keep your remote call center productive by quickly identifying network performance and connectivity issues.

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Run NetBeez on Extreme Networks with Support for 10Gbps Interfaces

Extreme Networks and NetBeez are combining their platforms to provide Service Monitoring for Extreme’s Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) solution, a Linux-based, Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) environment.

Watch the Work From Home Network Monitoring Webinar

Is your team ready to support the new remote workforce? Find out how you can easily monitor the user experience, regardless of location with NetBeez agents.

Integrated Service Monitoring on Cisco Catalyst

NetBeez on Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series switches embeds performance monitoring into the leading network infrastructure for wired and WiFi campus environments giving network engineering proactive detection and fast troubleshooting of remote performance issues.

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WiFi Monitoring Guide from the Client Perspective

Identify WiFi issues from your desk before users notice them! Learn how you can remotely identify and troubleshoot network and application performance issues … even if the problem isn’t the network.

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Remote Office Network Monitoring Guide

Remote Office Monitoring Guide

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s crucial to have immediate visibility in user experience and performance, especially at remote sites. This guide will take you through troubleshooting network issues to make your job easier, and your end users happier.

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How Network Performance Impacts End-User Experience

Learn how to make your network faster and more reliable! The “Network Performance and End-User Experience” guide reviews the most important key performance indicators of network performance and service quality.

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NetBeez Technical Specifications and Features

Learn More About the NetBeez Agents and Dashboard

Technical specifications of the NetBeez monitoring agents and central server, plus key features of the network monitoring and testing solution.

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NetBeez Technology Overview and Benefits

Technology and Benefits Overview

Learn about NetBeez and how its adoption as a network monitoring solution leads to quick ticket escalation and reduced time to detection and repair for enterprises.

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Ultimate Command Line Cheat Sheet

Download the ultimate command line cheat sheet. The cheat sheet contains the most common options of the popular Linux commands like Ping, Traceroute, iPerf, curl, and dig!

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Network Testing Guidelines and Tools  

When it comes to network testing, the most efficient methodology and tools is the formula for success. The issues technicians encounter are losing focus or skipping steps when under pressure.

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Case Studies

Read from our customers how NetBeez helped network engineering and support teams to efficiently detect and troubleshoot network problems, saving time and resources in the process.

AmWINS Improves Digital Experience

The NetEng team at AmWINS Group needed insights on the digital experience for branch employees of their Cisco iWAN solution.

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Marlette Funding Manages WFH Workforce

Marlette Funding used NetBeez to monitor and troubleshoot user experience when 100% of its employees were forced to WFH during the pandemic.

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Troubleshooting VoIP Performance Use Case

Learn how a nationwide insurance firm struggling to identify and troubleshoot performance issues in an SDN environment was able to address VoIP performance issues and reduce TTR.

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TOURtech Use Case

Network Monitoring when Seconds Count

Find out how this Raleigh, NC-based company of under 50 employees identifies root causes much faster than their peers in the hectic world of live events.

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Reducing SD-WAN Downtime

Discover how a mortgage lender with thousands of employees working from many WAN branches relies on proactive detection and fast root cause analysis.

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Hospital NetBeez Use Case

Reducing root cause analysis time by 75%

Networking team at a University Medical Center reduced root cause analysis time by 75% by implementing WiFi monitoring from the user’s perspective.

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Monitoring a Global WAN use case

Monitoring a Global WAN

For this global semiconductor company a global WAN is strategic to its success as it supports more than 7,000 employees and 30+ high-profile locations.

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University Leaps to Remote Education with NetBeez

With the pivot to online learning, the network and Wi-Fi access become critical to the classroom experience. Read the customer testimonial from the University of Rhode Island.

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Industry Solutions

Learn how proactive network monitoring is improving time to resolution, ticket escalation and the amount of time and resources spent troubleshooting in the healthcare, higher ed, tech and banking industries!
A Healthcare Use Case
A Banking Use Case
A Higher Ed Use Case
A Tech Use Case


Watch the latest NetBeez webinars.
webinar_network monitoring_remote

Remote Worker Solution Webinar – November 2020 Update

Learn how IT can now offer work-from-home users the same quality of support and service they did while they were still working in the office. NetBeez introduces high performance network monitoring purpose-built for the remote workforce.

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NetBeez Cisco Webinar

NetBeez Cisco Partnership Makes Shift to Remote Education Easier

Learn how Cisco Champion, Mitch Dickey, and one of the largest and fastest-growing school divisions in the US’ team enhances performance without depleting resources through the NetBeez and Cisco integration.

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NetBeez Extreme Networks Webinar

Run NetBeez at 10Gbps on Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks and NetBeez are combining their platforms to provide Service Monitoring for Extreme’s Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) solution. This integration is one of the first one to support 10Gbps interfaces.

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Remote Worker Network Monitoring

Find out how you can easily monitor the WFH user experience. NetBeez is extending the power of its high performance network monitoring with its new End User Agent for Windows and MacOS users.

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NetBeez Cisco integration

Cisco and NetBeez are integrating their platforms to provide Integrated Service Monitoring for the Catalyst 9000 series of switches. Network engineering teams can easily install NetBeez’ network monitoring agents via Cisco DNA Center.

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WiFi Connection Timing

NetBeez releases WiFi connection timing in its version 3.0. WiFi connection timing periodically tests association, authentication, and the DHCP phase of an 802.11 connection, simplifying the detection and troubleshooting of WiFi connectivity issues.

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Watch insightful videos that cover all things network monitoring, network engineering, and Linux. For more content check out the NetBeez YouTube channel.
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