NetBeez Resource Library

Guides and Solution Briefs

Download product sheets and guides on how to monitor corporate and remote networks.
NetBeez: Technology specifications and product features.
NetBeez: Technology overview and solution benefits.
NetBeez: Product tutorial.
Work From Home: How to extend network performance monitoring to the home office with NetBeez remote worker agents.
Post-Pandemic Networking: Enabling the Work-From-Anywhere Enterprise
Remote Call Center Network Monitoring Best Practices: How to keep your remote call center productive by quickly identifying network performance and connectivity issues.
Remote Office Network Monitoring Guide: How to use NetBeez sensors to capture remote users' experience and troubleshoot network problems.
Wi-Fi Monitoring Guide: How to use the NetBeez Wi-Fi sensors to monitor the wireless network from the client's perspective.
Network Performance And End-User Experience: Learn what are the key metrics of network performance that impact the end-user experience.
Learn how network monitoring can help successfully managing and supporting SD-WAN and multi-cloud deployments.
Network Testing Guidelines and Tools: Learn the tools required to troubleshoot network performance issues.
Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet: The cheat sheet contains the most common options of the popular Linux commands like ping, traceroute, iperf, curl, and dig.
2023 State of Remote Work: The report lists the factors that contribute to the success or challenges of remote work from an IT perspective.


Watch the latest NetBeez webinars.

Solving Library Network Challenges

Learn how NetBeez helped the eiNetwork team support 75 interconnected libraries identify problems, validate changes, and enhance their change management processes over the past decade.

2023 State of Remote Work Report

In this webinar we discuss the factors that contribute to the success or challenges of remote work and provide insights for companies and employees looking to implement or improve their remote work policies.

What’s New in Version 11 Webinar

Discover the new functionalities and improvements included in the latest release of NetBeez, such as a new onboarding process for new installations and a new visualization for real-time and historical data.

How to Monitor the WFH Experience

Learn what are the five required metrics to identify the root causes of remote digital experience issues, and see how IT teams can reduce resolution time of support requests.

How to Troubleshoot Remote VPN Issues Webinar

Panos Vouzis will review the most common causes of end-user experience issues for VPN users and demonstrate how the NetBeez remote worker solution can proactively address such issues.

How to Troubleshoot Work From Home Issues

Learn what are the most frequent root-causes of remote end-user experience issues and what tools and techniques are available to pinpoint them, including NetBeez’s remote worker agent.

Wi-Fi is Critical to the Student Experience in a Large Campus

Guest speaker Chris Pepper, Network Technician III at the University of Rhode Island, explains his team manages to remotely support 20K+ Wi-Fi clients in a 350-building campus that stretches over 3 cities.

It’s a Remote World: Do You Have Solid WiFi Performance?

Learn how Curtis and his team at a large healthcare organization in Utah support a mega campus Wi-Fi network across 4 hospitals, 18 clinics, 250 buildings and comprised of 13k wireless access points.

Rethink the Future of Work, Rethink Your Network

An ONUG webinar hosted by Zeus Kerravala, Founder & Principal Analyst at ZK Research, and featuring Stefano Gridelli (CEO) and Giovanni Paliska (Sales) from NetBeez discussing how to extend visibility and network performance monitoring to the home office.

Path Analysis – 2021-Q2 Product Update

NetBeez releases path analysis to give network engineers a more dynamic and accurate view of complex networks, including the Internet; path analysis augments the existing traceroute capability for more accurate, real-time visibility.

Remote Worker Solution Webinar – Q4-2020 Product Update

Learn how IT can now offer work-from-home users the same quality of support and service they did while they were still working in the office. NetBeez introduces high performance network monitoring purpose-built for the remote workforce.

How Marlette Funding Managed Work From Home Network Monitoring

In this webinar Brian Conneen, CTO at Marlette Funding, explains to Shamus McGillicuddy, VP of Research at EMA, how his company manages the unique network performance demands of Work-From-Home users.

Run NetBeez at 10Gbps on Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks and NetBeez are combining their platforms to provide Service Monitoring for Extreme’s Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) solution. This integration is one of the first one to support 10Gbps interfaces.

NetBeez Cisco Partnership Makes Shift to Remote Education Easier

Learn how Cisco Champion, Mitch Dickey, and one of the largest and fastest-growing school divisions in the US’ team enhances performance without depleting resources through the NetBeez and Cisco integration.

NetBeez Cisco Catalyst 9300 Integration with AppHosting

Cisco and NetBeez are integrating their platforms to provide Integrated Service Monitoring for the Catalyst 9000 series of switches. Network engineering teams can easily install NetBeez’ network monitoring agents via Cisco DNA Center.

WiFi Connection Timing – Q4-2019 Product Update

NetBeez releases WiFi connection timing in its version 3.0. WiFi connection timing periodically tests association, authentication, and the DHCP phase of an 802.11 connection, simplifying the detection and troubleshooting of WiFi connectivity issues.