NetBeez Announces the Release of the New Wi-Fi 6/6E Sensor

Pittsburgh, March 11, 2024 – NetBeez, a leading provider of network monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its latest innovation: a new version of the wireless sensor that supports Wi-Fi 6/6E and WPA3 standards. The general availability of this product is scheduled for March 14, 2024.

This new wireless sensor, developed under the leadership of Panos Vouzis, Co-founder and COO of NetBeez, represents a significant milestone in wifi monitoring technology. With the exponential growth of Wi-Fi 6/6E devices, expected to surpass 5.2 billion by 2025 according to industry forecasts, the demand for advanced monitoring solutions has never been greater.

“The introduction of our Wi-Fi 6/6E compatible sensor marks a crucial advancement in our mission to empower network and wireless engineers with cutting-edge troubleshooting tools,” said Panos Vouzis. “This new sensor will streamline network monitoring processes, reduce the need for onsite troubleshooting, and provide invaluable insights into Wi-Fi performance from the user perspective.”

To coincide with the product launch, NetBeez will host a live webinar on March 14, 2024, to demonstrate the capabilities of the new sensor and discuss its role in monitoring next-generation wireless networks. Interested parties can register for the webinar on the NetBeez website or at

NetBeez encourages Network Engineers, Wireless Engineers, Network Managers and Network Operations professionals to explore the benefits of the new wireless sensor and stay ahead in the evolving landscape of network technology.

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NetBeez is a network monitoring solution provider that empowers IT professionals with actionable insights into network and application performance. By combining active network testing and end-user experience monitoring, NetBeez enables organizations to proactively identify and resolve network issues, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

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