Network Engineering

Detecting Network Problems Before Users Do

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In a perfect world, telecommunication networks have 100% uptime, low latency, and high bandwidth. In reality, each one of us deals with slow applications, choppy calls, and unreliable connections. In WiFi networks, this is even more frequent. Yet, providing a good end-user experience is possible. Detecting problems before users do…

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What’s causing a latency increase?

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What NetBeez Does NetBeez captures network and application performance (e.g. latency increase) from the user perspective on wired and wireless networks. Sensors at each network location run tests and simulate the user experience. We have dozens of demo NetBeez agents deployed around the country and the world and we collect…

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Remote WiFi Packet Capture with HORST on Raspberry Pi and Odroid

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What’s HORST? The Highly Optimized Radio Scanning Tool (HORST) is a lightweight IEEE802.11 WLAN analyzer. It was built for troubleshooting WLAN networks, and although it’s not as advanced as other tools (Kismet, Wireshark, tcpdump) it’s very easy to use, free, and can run very efficiently even on a Raspberry Pi….

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