Troubleshooting Networks with NetBeez

Troubleshooting Use Cases

One of the best ways to show how NetBeez enables network engineers to improve their operations is through the lenses of our customers. For that purpose, we have just published Troubleshooting Networks with NetBeez. The PDF can be downloaded without registration an describes the following three use cases:

  • Troubleshooting web application performance problems
  • Determining the root cause of intermittent connection issues at retail stores
  • Verifying web content filtering

We compiled them from a number of use cases our customers have shared with us. It has been a really rewarding experience to get the feedback from network engineers on how they use our product. With NetBeez, our customers have reduced dispatches by being able to know exactly what’s going on at every remote site of their network, decreased troubleshooting time thanks to the fault-isolation data displayed on the dashboard, and proactively detected and repaired network issues at remote locations even before their users got impacted and opened tickets.

This document demonstrates how NetBeez, with distributed end-user monitoring, puts the real-user network experience at the network engineer’s fingertips.

In addition to Troubleshooting Networks with NetBeez, you can also download Introduction to NetBeez for a more formal introduction to our tool.


These three use cases highlighted the way the NetBeez agents can be used to provide visibility at each network location, and how they can help to detect and troubleshoot network problems. Companies can now rely on a dedicated monitoring solution that reports the user-experience about network and application performance. NetBeez makes it easy to obtain this invaluable information, which used to require difficult and time-consuming methods.

If you want to learn how NetBeez works, feel free to sign up for a demo.

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