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Monitor Offices

Verify that all remote offices of your network have connectivity and good performance to the cloud. Install a network sensor at each location to measure network and application performance, Internet speed, and VoIP call quality.

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Validate Changes

Human-driven service outages are common in large and complex networks. After a network change, automate the configuration validation process to detect and fix problems before they impact users and services availability.

WiFi Public

Test WiFi

WiFi networks are difficult to monitor and troubleshoot. Rely on wireless monitoring sensors to monitor the signal quality and verify that the network can service users and IoT devices. Read more about WiFi monitoring.

Hardware, software, and virtual beez

The beez act as independent workstations connected to your network, providing network and application performance data from all your network locations. This is the best way to gather the end-user experience and proactively locate and isolate network problems. 

If you have requested a free instance of NetBeez, you can order online one Ethernet or WiFi beez; otherwise you can install a software or virtual agent in few clicks.




The BeezKeeper central server

The BeezKeeper is the central server that controls the beez, processing the real-time performance data collected and generating alerts when outages or performance degradations occur.

For ease of use, the BeezKeeper and the beez are completely managed via the browser-based dashboard. All software updates are automatic.

TheBeezKeeper can be hosted on-premises as a virtual machine or in the cloud as a compute instance.


Full-stack network monitoring

NetBeez can be installed on-premises or in the cloud and run:

  • Network and Application Tests: Ping, DNS, HTTP, Traceroute, Iperf, Speedtest, VoIP
  • Performance Metrics: Latency, Packet Loss, HTTP GET time, Mean Opinion Score, Bandwidth, …
  • Data: Real-Time Status, Historical Data, Performance Alerts (Dynamic and Fixed Baseline), …
  • Wireless Analysis: Signal Strength, Link Quality, BSSID, and Channel; run SSID scans

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