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NetBeez accelerates root cause analysis, even when it's not the network.

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Beyond Traditional Network Monitoring

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to network monitoring; the network is often guilty until proven innocent.

Traditional monitoring tools don’t help. They take too long, require specialized skills to install and don’t give you enough data for a speedy root cause analysis. In the meantime hours are wasted, tickets pile up and highly-skilled teams are forced to operate in reactionary modes versus delivering business advantage… even if the problem isn’t the network.

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Key Capabilities

Real-time data feeds for quick detection
Detect network and remote issues as soon as they occur, before users even notice. Performance data from remote sensors is sent in real-time to the server, then processed by the alerts engine and displayed on the dashboard.

Granular, raw data for detecting intermittent issues
Sampled data doesn’t tell the whole story, especially when troubleshooting performance issues in complex environments. NetBeez delivers granular, raw data to cut down troubleshooting times. You can get the whole picture over time versus samples.

Distributed monitoring for faster resolution
Remote sensors collect performance and availability data from multiple locations. The root cause of a network or application performance issue can be quickly identified, even if it’s not the network!

Plug and Play, even in remote locations with limited skills
Network engineers don’t have time to setup and configure network monitoring tools. Remote offices lack IT skills. NetBeez provides plug and play sensors that require no setup, just a PoE connection.

Scale without polling interval latency
Network monitoring tools increase their polling intervals as more devices are added to a system. NetBeez easily scales without compromising polling intervals or causing dashboard reporting delays. With the proper resources you can support even the most complex environments.

User-defined anomaly settings
Flexible and powerful user-defined anomaly detection features are available upon installation. NetBeez supports up-down, performance baseline and watermark alerts. When an incident happens, get notified via email, SNMP traps, or choose many of the available integrations such as Slack, PagerDuty and Splunk.

Faster Insight. Faster Resolution. Higher Productivity.

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Deployment Options

The server can be deployed:

  • On-premise as a virtual machine
  • On a public cloud such as AWS
  • Hosted by NetBeez as a service
NetBeez Architecture

NetBeez offers different types of network monitoring agents:

  • Network Agents
    • Function: Monitoring of on-prem networks
    • Purpose: Headquarters, branch offices, data centers
    • Types: Wired and Wi-Fi sensors, software and virtual installations
  • Remote Worker Agents
    • Function: Monitoring of remote users
    • Purpose: Home offices and off-site personnel
    • Types: Windows and Mac OS software clients
NetBeez Network Monitoring Agents
Download the technical specs and product features PDF
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Increase Performance and Availability with a New Approach to Network Monitoring