Is your Help Desk Prepared to Support Remote Workers?

Abstract: New EMA paper on remote work and its impacts on network performance is a must-read for leaders planning for the new normal. Expect higher support costs driven by a substantial increase in remote worker tickets. Look to NetBeez to help your team stay ahead by quickly diagnosing remote issues based on user experience.

Remote first is the new mantra

Chances are you’ve read about the transformative power of remote worker initiatives, especially for finance and tech companies.  For a great example read this Twitter thread from Chris Herd, CEO of FirstbaseHQ. 

You may not agree with all of his conclusions. The thread has certainly stirred up some negative feedback on Twitter and on LinkedIn. While I highly recommend his entire thread, here are some of his most interesting observations IMHO:

“Fully distributed: ~30% of the companies we talk to are getting rid of the office entirely and going remote-first”

“Rather than hiring the best person in a 30-mile radius of the office, they can hire the best person in the world for every role”

“Rather than spending $20,000 / worker / year on office space they can provide the best remote setup on the planet for $2,000 / worker / year”

“Personal choice: the smartest people I know personally are all planning to work remotely this decade”

“The most exciting companies I know personally all plan to hire remotely this decade”

“~90% of the workforces we’ve spoken to never want to be in an office again full-time”

It’s a safe bet to say the workplace is being fundamentally transformed, and with it the roles and responsibilities of network engineers and help desk professionals who were once able to walk to a large share of the desktops they supported. That was then. This is now. 

EMA Paper: The Remote Model Can Be Powerful for Users… and Challenging for Network and Help Desk Pros

Has your team been able to make the seamless pivot to the new normal? We surveyed network directors in the Spring and saw a notable jump in help desk tickets reported by users. A few weeks later we blogged about the potential increase in expenses tied to remote worker network performance issues

That’s why we think you’ll want to read this new EMA paper

EMA’s Shamus McGillicuddy has written one of the first papers to discuss the unique demands of remote worker networking. Shamus explains why remote work is the new normal and what that means for NetOps teams. He also discusses how the new NetBeez Remote Worker Network Monitoring Solution can help your team boost remote employee productivity and reduce help desk costs.

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