Integrated Service Monitoring on Extreme Networks

Integration with Extreme Networks

I am happy to announce that NetBeez has partnered with Extreme Networks to deliver proactive network monitoring on the leading vendor of network in Wired and WLAN Access Infrastructure. The two companies teamed up to enable distributed organizations to meet and exceed the demands for greater levels of network control, assurance, and insights. This integration enables network engineering teams to easily deploy NetBeez virtual sensors on a vast series of Extreme Networks switches models.

NetBeez can run on top of Extreme Networks X465 series, high performance VSP models and data-center SLX switches.

Benefits of the NetBeez Extreme Networks Integration

With a NetBeez agent installed on an Extreme Networks supported switch it’s easy to perform at scale and in a distributed fashion end-to-end network monitoring. Network administrators can run continuously or on demand network testing such as ping, traceroute, network throughput tests, as well as service and application performance (e.g. VoIP/HTTP/etc). This allows network administrators to view and test the actual performance of the network from a client’s perspective.

In summary, the three key benefits of the NetBeez Extreme Networks integration are the following:

  1. Quick and simple deployment of distributed network monitoring sensors (no hardware required)
  2. End-to-end network assurance and insights from the client perspective
  3. Fast notification and root-cause analysis of network and application issues

How the Integration Works

Extreme Networks and NetBeez are combining their platforms to provide Service Monitoring for Extreme’s Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) solution. IAH is a Linux-based Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) environment that enables third-party vendors and customer-specific applications to run on top of Extreme Networks’ switches. 

The NetBeez sensor is delivered as a Linux Debian appliance (in qcow2 format) that runs on top of the EXOS (Extreme Operating System) as a guest virtual machine. The IAH architecture is based on the QEMU (Quick EMUlator), an open-source hypervisor that enables the NetBeez OS and software to be completely isolated from the functions and performance of the EXOS itself.


Follow the Extreme Networks Integrated Application Hosting with NetBeez.

10Gbps Throughput Testing

Extreme Networks is one of the first networking vendors to give access to 10 Gbps interfaces to hosted applications. As a result, a NetBeez hosted VM on Extreme Networks can run iperf and network speed tests at a speed up to 10 Gbps. We have run some initial testing using iperf on this interface, and we were able to achieve an average of 7.5 Gbps with one single TCP stream. 

Next Steps

If you want to learn more about this integration, watch the NetBeez Extreme Networks webinar recording that was aired on August 4, 2020 or follow the Extreme Networks Integrated Application Hosting with NetBeez. In that webinar, Steven Smith, Director of Product Management at Extreme Networks, and Greg Ness, on the NetBeez marketing team, go over key details of this Extreme NetBeez integration. In the second part of the webinar, Steve demonstrated how easy and efficient it is to deploy NetBeez network monitoring agents on Extreme switches via Integrated Application Hosting.

Closing Remarks

Thanks to the NetBeez Extreme Networks integration, network engineering teams can easily install NetBeez’ network monitoring agents on Extreme Switches. This integration was not possible without the support of Javier Solis, Senior Systems Engineer at Extreme Networks, and Steve Smith, Director of Product Management at Extreme Networks.

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