NetBeez will help your team to prove that It’s Not the Network.


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  • NetBeez runs on client-server architecture and is composed of plug-and-play hardware agents that are managed and controlled by a central server.
  • The central server runs in the cloud or on-prem as a virtual appliance and includes the database, the agents’ controller, and user dashboard.

NetBeez technology allows network engineers to:

  • Quickly and proactively detect and solve issues on wired and WiFi networks
  • Use our dedicated monitoring sensors to run continuous tests across wired and wireless media
  • Detect network connectivity and performance issues to SaaS applications

Monitoring Sensors

  • Agents, send real-time availability and performance data to your central server to generate KPIs of network and service quality as seen by the end users.
  • NetBeez enables IT departments to detect and troubleshoot remote network issues by providing information about the scale of an outage.
  • It also reveals whether the problem is occurring on the network or on the application layer.

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“On the Netbeez dashboard, I can quickly access the network availability and application performance data collected in real-time by all the agents. This translates to faster problem resolution, decreased service downtime and reduced onsite tech dispatches.”

ErnestNetwork Manager at eiNetwork

“We were able to easily deploy NetBeez agents in all of our stores in our 17 county service territory. This instantly delivered our IT staff remote network visibility, enabling Goodwill to support and troubleshoot network and application issues in minutes rather than days.”

KirkAssociate VP of Technology at Goodwill

“We realized we needed a solution that gives us different points of measurement to collect the data we needed to effectively determine the cause of the reported issue...NetBeez is a must-have tool for the connected multi-site enterprise.”

KeithDirector of Cloud Services at TMW


The NetBeez dashboard was designed with its users in mind.

By ‘Users’ we mean the network and wireless engineers, architects, and NOC operators who are expected to provide proactive detection of performance degradation and a quick response to network and application issues.

IT managers and directors use this data to identify underperforming areas of the enterprise, justify network upgrades with performance reports, and plan network refreshing with quantifiable data.

Our Solutions

Wireless Monitoring

Problem: Unstable performance, uptime & quality of service to wireless users

Solution: Proactive WiFi monitoring with NetBeez

Office Monitoring

Problem: Unable to easily see what problems the end-user is experiencing

Solution: Deploy agents to remote locations that report back data in real-time

Customized packages

No matter how many remote sites your organization has, NetBeez has a solution that fits your needs. NetBeez pricing supports plug-and-play pre-configured hardware agents, wireless, or virtual agents to be deployed at each WiFi and remote location.

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