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Panagiotis Vouzis

Do you have a Raspberry Pi? Use it to monitor your parents’ home network!

By | End User Monitoring, Network Engineering, Network Troubleshooting, Raspberry Pi | 2 Comments

Disclaimer: As of 2/28/18, the NetBeez ‘Free Plan’ has been replaced with a 30-day free trial. When you troubleshoot your network, Ping, DNS, HTTP, and Traceroute are the simplest and probably the most useful tests you could use. For example, if you run these tests on and all of…

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Synthetic Network Monitoring on Debian

By | Distributed network monitoring, End User Monitoring, Network Engineering, Network Monitoring | One Comment

Synthetic Network Monitoring Synthetic network and application monitoring is accomplished using agents that run scripts to emulate user behavior. The agents run on workstations placed at multiple locations on an Intranet and/or Internet. The objective of synthetic monitoring is to collect end-user experience information data and provide a mechanism to…

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Monitoring Network Security and Regulation Compliance

By | End User Monitoring, Network Engineering, Network Monitoring, Security | No Comments

The Case for Network Segmentation Network segmentation is used to reduce congestion, contain network problems locally, and improve security. Combined with firewalls, it protects sensitive data from unauthorized access, and with filters, prevents users from accessing prohibited or harmful content. There are several laws and standards that require one or…

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