NetBeez’s 2016 top news, features, and blog posts

2016 was another good year for NetBeez. If you regularly follow our blog, you are familiar with the company announcements as well as new features and functionalities that were introduced.

Company news

Here is a quick recap of the most important 2016 company updates:

  • Participation to the Y Combinator (YC) startup acceleration program – YC is a world-renowned startup accelerator where companies like Airbnb, Stripe, Docker, and PagerDuty have perfected their product and go-to-market strategy. NetBeez was accepted to the Winter 2016 class. During the three-month program in Mountain View we improved our user onboarding process by releasing a free version of the product as well as securing several large-size enterprise deals.
  • Investment from Partech Ventures and new board member – Led by Partech Ventures, in November 2016 NetBeez closed another round of investments.We also added Reza Malekzadeh, former Director of Marketing at VMWare and VP of Marketing at Cumulus Networks, to its Board of Directors.

Product features

From a product perspective, several software updates were released in 2016. About fifty percent of these improvements happened under the hood on both server and agent side. The other half were visible to our users and got overall positive reviews:

  • Scheduled iperf, VoIP, and Internet speed tests – These features were announced in the August 2016 press release and were driven in large by user demand. Scheduled tests are valuable to troubleshooting network performance issues as they enable network engineers to set periodic bandwidth, voice quality, and internet assessment tests.
  • API – The API was necessary for NOC operators and large enterprises with custom dashboards to export and display network availability and performance information captured by the Beez. Utilizing this API, we released a public dashboard on GitHub that can be safely hosted on an internal or public portal to communicate the status of network services to end-users.
  • Integrations – NetBeez logs network performance and reachability information that network engineers need to share with other tools as well as access from any device or location. For this reason, we have released integrations with third party tools such as Splunk, PagerDuty, and Slack.
  • Other updates – Some other important updates include support for WiFi 802.11ac networks, release of the NetBeez software agent, and release of the Cisco ISR NetBeez virtual service.

Top five blog posts

  1. Top five Linux utilities for network engineers – Learn what are the most useful Linux utilities used by network engineers and administrators.
  2. Turn your Raspberry Pi into a wireless monitoring sensor – Grab a supported WiFi card and Raspberry Pi to easily monitor and troubleshoot your wireless network.  
  3. How to adjust the TCP window size limit in Linux – If TCP throughput is lower than expected, try tuning the TCP window size.
  4. Raspberry Pi 3 and iperf – Read how much bandwidth can be generated with iperf on the latest version of the Raspberry Pi, released on February 2016.
  5. Differences between speedtest and iperf – When troubleshooting network slowness issues, learn when to use speedtest and when to use iperf.

Closing remarks

It has been challenging to recap a full year of events in a single blog post. I may have left out many other important updates that are worth mentioning. However, one thing is sure, that 2016 was a great year. For this reason, the NetBeez team looks ahead with excitement for 2017. I hope our users, you included, agree with us. I’d love to hear back your opinion.

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