What’s happening at NetBeez?!? Y Combinator Update.

ycombinator-logo-fb889e2eIt’s been a long time since we last posted on the blog. But we have an excuse: we’ve been pretty busy working on different projects. First, I am happy to announce that NetBeez is in the Y Combinator program. For this reason, part of the team, myself included, has temporarily relocated to Mountain View to work more closely with the YC partners.

Along with the YC update, this week we have also announced on VentureBeat the release of our new free tier version of NetBeez. This version targets network engineers and administrators who want to get their feet wet with NetBeez or perhaps just monitor a few locations and online assets through virtual and software agents. The free tier provides a license for up to three agents, one of which is external, and up to three monitoring targets. With the free tier, you can also download the ready-to-burn Raspberry Pi image to use on your own hardware. You can find more instructions on this page.

More great news is the launch of our online community, available at the following address: https://community.netbeez.net. I encourage you to register because NetBeez users can get even more out of the solution, thanks to community support. I have also posted links to four quick video tutorials on NetBeez on the community forum. We hope that the online community can also be used to discuss and troubleshoot together.

That’s all for now. Expect more exciting updates about the company, the product, and the community in the coming weeks!

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