Stop searching for problems on your wireless network and start fixing them.

With NetBeez, network engineers can rely on dedicated WiFi clients that simulate end-users on the network and get real-time performance data.

Troubleshoot WiFi issues with ease.

In these sectors, the percentage of wireless users can reach 80% of total users and, consequently, performance degradation has a serious impact on business and mission critical operations.

Depend on NetBeez to monitor your WiFi signal quality and verify that the network can service the end-user.

Wireless networks require proper tools to be well managed and deliver quality service to its users. Benefits of monitoring the network from the end-user perspective include the ability to:

  • Review historical and real-time performance data from multiple areas of the network
  • Verify wireless service availability from the client perspective
  • Test SSID association
  • Test BSSID, channel, and frequency broadcasting
  • Discover local broadcasting wireless networks
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