Wireless Monitoring Solutions

The Problem:
Ensuring excellent performance and quality of service to wireless user

The Solution:
End-User monitoring with NetBeez

The Problem

With the number of wireless clients outpacing wired workstations, it is becoming a real challenge for network engineers and administrators to ensure good performance and quality of service to wireless users.

Compared to traditional wired networks, wireless infrastructure has more moving parts that can impact the end user experience. When a performance issue affects the end users, the engineer has to quickly understand if the problem is:

  • The wireless client, including the device drivers
  • The signal quality between the client and the closest access point
  • The wireless infrastructure
  • The wired infrastructure
  • The application

Although this problem exists across the board, it is even more prominent for enterprise environments like higher education, retail, or healthcare.

In these sectors, the percentage of wireless users can reach 80% of total users and, consequently, performance degradation has a serious impact on business and mission-critical operations.

WiFi Monitoring Sensors

NetBeez offers WiFi sensors that run network and application performance measurements on 802.11 networks. The network and application performance data collected by WiFi units can be compared to the same data collected by wired/Ethernet ones while simultaneously complementing the information obtained by a wireless controller.

In addition to the network and application performance tests, the WiFi sensors can retrieve real-time and historical data for the following metrics:

  • Transmitted and received bits on the wireless interface
  • Signal strength and quality as detected by the wireless NIC
  • Associated channel and BSSID number
  • Bit rate established with the access point
  • SSID scans to check if other networks are broadcasting on close frequencies

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Use Cases

Monitoring your WiFi network from the client perspective provides many benefits, including quick outage detection, and reduced troubleshooting time. Here are three simple use cases where wireless engineers saved time and resources in the process:

1. SSID and wireless service availability after configuration changes
2. Performance measurement in high density areas
3. Tuning transmit power adjustment algorithms

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