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Identify WiFi Issues Before Users Notice Them

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“With NetBeez we gained the ability to determine the root cause and solve intermittent WiFi problems in under an hour.”

Christopher Pepper, Network Engineer III at URI

WiFi Monitoring from the Client Perspective

Compared to traditional wired networks, wireless infrastructure has more moving parts that can impact the end user experience. When a performance issue affects the end users, the engineer has to quickly understand if the problem is caused by the wireless client, the quality of the wireless signal, the wireless infrastructure, the wired infrastructure, including the Internet, or the application.

Wireless controllers and other monitoring systems that pull data from access points are indeed necessary but not sufficient for determining the root cause of an issue. Engineers need to complement metrics from the wireless infrastructure with signal strength, signal quality, etc. from wireless clients. This data will quickly help pinpoint the root cause that is impacting the end user experience.

NetBeez is a WiFi monitoring tool that collects real-time network connectivity and client performance data. The solution enables faster root cause analysis than traditional network monitoring solutions. NetBeez capabilities includes:

  • Plug-and-Play WiFi sensors for branch offices and headquarters
  • Software endpoints for Windows and Mac Operating Systems
  • Digital Experience Monitoring to SaaS and voice services
  • Proactive alert detection via moving baselines and SLAs

Download the WiFi monitoring guide from the client’s perspective

WiFi monitoring metrics

Key Features of NetBeez WiFi Monitoring

Wireless engineers can retrieve real-time and historical data for the following metrics:

  • Measure latency, packet loss, and network speed in real-time
  • WiFi connection timing: Association, authentication and DHCP
  • Signal strength and link quality from the client’s perspective
  • Associated band, channel and BSSID and bit rate established
  • Run remote SSID scans to detect locally broadcasting networks
  • Support for open, pre-shared, and EAP/802.1x authentication
  • Support for multiple SSIDs thanks to SSID hopping

Deployment Options for WiFi Sensors

NetBeez is the Digital Experience Monitoring platform that enables IT teams to quickly troubleshoot issues with Wi-Fi networks, Internet, SaaS applications, and more. The solution provides granular data to accurately isolate the time a problem occurs, retains historical data to identify the trend of recurring issues, and facilitates diagnosing problems from the user’s perspective. Select the options that works best for your use case: WiFi sensors or endpoints.

WiFi Sensors

NetBeez sensors are equipped with WiFi cards for monitoring and an Ethernet interface for reporting real-time data to the dashboard. The units can be powered via Power-over-Ethernet or Power Supply Unit. Deploy sensors at remote offices to ensure WiFi service availability and performance.

WiFi Endpoints

NetBeez endpoints report WiFi metrics provided by the macOS and Windows operating systems, including connection and disconnection events. The data is sent in real-time to the dashboard for display and troubleshooting. Understand your end-users digital experience on managed and unmanaged WiFi networks.

WiFi Monitoring Endpoints

WiFi monitoring with NetBeez sensors guide

WiFi sensors provides provide useful data required for remote troubleshooting end-user experience issues. With NetBeez, WiFi engineers can collect signal measurements from the client perspective, run network performance tests as well as DHCP, DNS and HTTP checks.

Download the Wi-Fi Monitoring Guide (PDF)

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