The NetBeez Community Forum

The NetBeez Community was created for users and developers to share ideas and feedback on how to enhance NetBeez. It provides a dedicated space to collaborate, share knowledge, and discuss various aspects of network monitoring and troubleshooting. With a focused approach on optimizing network performance and resolving network issues efficiently using NetBeez, the platform offers valuable resources, engaging discussions, and informative channels tailored to meet the specific needs of NetBeez users and customers.

At the heart of the NetBeez Community is its forum, serving as the central hub for members to interact and exchange ideas. Within the forum, NetBeez users and customers can ask questions, seek advice, and share their experiences related to network monitoring and troubleshooting using NetBeez tools. The forum fosters discussions, enabling users to learn from each other’s expertise and perspectives. Members can receive assistance in diagnosing and resolving network problems specific to NetBeez deployments, discover tips and tricks, and stay informed about updates and new features offered by NetBeez.

Here are some of the most popular channels.

Deploy & Configure

A crucial channel within the NetBeez Community focuses on deploying and configuring the NetBeez solution. In this channel, NetBeez users and customers engage in discussions specific to deploying and optimizing NetBeez monitoring agents and probes within their network infrastructure. Topics covered include agent placement, probe configuration, integration with network devices, and leveraging NetBeez features to achieve comprehensive network visibility. 

Feature Requests

The Feature Requests channel serves as a platform for members to submit their feature enhancement requests, suggest improvements, and participate in the process of voting on proposed features. By actively engaging in this channel, customers and users can directly influence the future direction of NetBeez solutions, ensuring that their specific needs and requirements are taken into consideration.


The Developer channel focuses on discussions related to integrating NetBeez with other network monitoring and management tools, as well as ensuring compatibility with various network infrastructures and technologies. One of the key areas of discussion revolves around the NetBeez API. You can learn how to utilize the API effectively to extract and manipulate network monitoring data to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, there are examples and use cases of integrating NetBeez with third-party applications, expanding the functionalities and reach of NetBeez within their network ecosystems.

Our Community thrives on the active participation and engagement of NetBeez users and customers. I encourage you to submit any questions or comments. Someone else from the community or a member of our team will get back to you.

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