NetBeez Partners with Cumulus Networks for Data Center Monitoring

At NetBeez, we are very excited to announce our technology partnership with Cumulus Networks: this integration enables network engineers to easily implement data center monitoring.

Cumulus is the provider of Cumulus Linux, the operating system that has taken the open networking arena by storm. Leading organizations around the world are replacing their vendor-specific networking equipment with industry-standard silicon that runs the third-party software of their choice. This enables the decoupling of hardware from the software that runs on it. Think about it like buying a desktop computer and then choosing to install either Windows, Ubuntu, or Fedora as the operating system. Compare the cost of such a system with an Apple machine that comes prepackaged and zero software and pricing customization flexibility to your needs.

The adopters of open networking also have the choice to freely use any software that meets their needs for the monitoring, management, and automation of their open datacenter. Cumulus Linux is based on Debian Linux, which is one of the most popular distributions out there. NetBeez is releasing a Debian installation package, which will enable any Cumulus Linux user to start monitoring their infrastructure by installing a NetBeez agent with the following command:

apt-get install netbeez-agent

It’s as simple as that!


Cumulus users can now have the distributed end-to-end network visibility offered by NetBeez at their fingertips.

You can find the joint press release here: NetBeez® Software Agent Integration with Cumulus Networks® OS Enables Network Visibility, Application Performance Improvements

Now let’s look a little bit closer at a use case. In the following leaf-spine hyperscale datacenter architecture, we have multiple top-of-the-rack switches that run Cumulus Linux. By installing a NetBeez agent on each leaf and running a full-mesh of ping tests, we are introducing all-to-all and end-to-end active network monitoring. Now we are able to measure latency, packet loss, and uptime of for all nodes, and know within seconds of any performance degradations or connectivity issues.



This partnership announcement comes with the release of our monitoring agent as a Debian package for anyone that wants to install NetBeez on their own hardware.

We are looking forward to growing this relationship with Cumulus.  Stay tuned for future joint events with Cumulus that will introduce you to the benefits of our partnership.

If you want more information about the Cumulus Linux agent contact us at

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