High Performance WAN Case Studies – A Necessity in 2020’s Remote World

Times are changing. The network is growing even more strategic and complex. Here’s how your team can keep up.

In a recent article, Stefano Gridelli, CEO of NetBeez, discusses the drivers of network complexity in the new remote/#WFH era. There are certain “must have” capabilities required to scale network team productivity to meet these new demands – does your company have the right ones?  

Check out the list below – how do your tools stack up? Here are the highest priority capabilities that were outlined:

  • Real-time data feeds, including user experience, for fast detection
  • Granular, raw data for detecting intermittent issues
  • Distributed monitoring for faster resolution
  • Easy installation for remote offices and #WFH
  • Scale without polling interval latency for faster resolution
  • User-defined anomaly settings for reducing false alarms

Why These Capabilities Matter: 2020 Case Studies

This year we’ve already highlighted four network performance teams making a big difference, thanks to their adoption of high performance network monitoring. Each team has its own unique set of demands, from WiFi to SD-WAN. The common denominator among all of them, however, is accelerated insight from the user’s perspective.

Western Medical Center Stuck in Reactive Mode 

The network team hit the complexity trap more than two years ago. Hundreds of buildings, five standalone hospitals and dozens of clinics and labs connected by thousands of wireless access points and a growing population of connected IoT devices. They struggled to keep up with tickets, which limited their ability to focus on much-needed strategic projects.

They used NetBeez to reduce their average root cause analysis time by 75% and shifted back to the more strategic projects they were hired to complete. 

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National Mortgage Leader: Small Team with Big Mission

A small team of 4 engineers supports a complex mesh of LANs, WANs and carrier links connecting more than 50 offices and 3000 employees across the US. And they didn’t have the time to fly highly-skilled engineers to remote offices to help to resolve issues. 

They wanted to add SD-WAN as well, but they first had to position themselves to resolve issues faster, sometimes even when the issue wasn’t the network.

NetBeez allowed them to focus on the end-user experience to the extent of even identifying problems before the users noticed. And it has made all the difference.

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When Seconds Count: TourTech Builds Massive Temporary Networks

They lay miles of fiber, establish connectivity for dozens of vendors and hundreds of thousands of attendees and set it all up for a few days at a time. Time is money and outages are particularly painful because the events only last a few days.  

Their key differentiation: high performance WAN monitoring that gives them insight in seconds, so they can resolve issues before anyone else notices. 

NetBeez allows them to resolve issues fast, sometimes even when it’s in a carrier network multiple hops away. The result is highly satisfied event teams and vendor partners.

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Global Semiconductor Leader: Network is Core to Innovation

When you’re responsible for a global network connecting offices, branch offices and manufacturing facilities with remote employees, partners and customers you cannot take monitoring lightly. Relying upon user tickets can put you in the backseat pretty quickly. 

Before NetBeez took weeks to resolve issues, sometimes thousands of miles away from the nearest network engineer.  Today they get insight in seconds and have unmatched visibility of remote WAN issues before the network carriers themselves.

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Got Insight?

Is your team spending too much time trying to diagnose network problems with tools not up to speed  for your complex network?  Are you stuck in a reactive mode spending more than 25% of your time simply trying to resolve tickets, sometimes even when it isn’t the network?  

We can help your team get strategic again. Contact us for a briefing.

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