Cisco AppHosting and Network Monitoring with Mitch Dickey

Have you ever wondered what other highly productive network teams are doing to address the remote shift?

Hint: they empower themselves to diagnose their network faster and smarter. That frees up time to build out new projects and capabilities. Read Mitch Dickey’s recent blog about NetBeez for a first hand perspective on detecting issues even faster…even when it isn’t the network.

Or even better, you can attend Mitch’s collaborative webinar with Cisco and NetBeez and ask him directly during the live webinar Q&A Thursday (tomorrow).

You can also read a recent NetBeez blog on this interview that helped us to develop the content for the webinar. His school district actually made the pivot to remote schooling last spring!

Want to talk about your experience with NetBeez? Contact us and we’ll start the process.

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