eiNetwork Adopts NetBeez for Distributed Network Monitoring

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Pittsburgh, PA – May 13, 2014 – eiNetwork has chosen NetBeez to support its customers at more than 75 library locations in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. eiNetwork provides network connectivity, online Library Catalog services, PC support for 2,500 desktops, and technology assistance to libraries throughout the county. In its day-to-day operations the eiNetwork staff must assure network and application availability to the public libraries, where technology is necessary in order to streamline operations and deliver effective library services.

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Welcome to NetBeez

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Welcome to the NetBeez blog. My name is Stefano Gridelli and I am a cofounder of NetBeez. In this opening blog post I would like to give you a little background on why Panickos, Panos, and I decided to build NetBeez. We worked many years as network engineers in large…

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