Financial Services Company Manages WFH with NetBeez

Like many financial services leaders, the Marlette team quickly understood both the implications of remote work for employee productivity AND the new visibility challenges impeding root cause analysis for WFH users, which are more common and can be more costly to resolve. They knew they needed a new level of visibility into remote user digital experience issues.

They chose NetBeez to extend visibility into complex and troublesome remote networks. The new view augmented their existing network monitoring tools and allowed them to reduce the time and resources needed to diagnose remote network issues.

Marlette Funding CIO Brian Conneen spoke recently with EMA VP Research Shamus McGillicuddy:

“The pandemic hamstrung us in a way we weren’t ready for,” said CIO Brian Conneen. “We went from having one main office to 250 locations that we had to deal with. All our tools for helping people were on-premises-based.”

The team quickly pivoted the new normal without losing a beat. Remote work even became an integral part of the business model going forward, a trend which is especially common in financial services.

The challenges revolved around service provider footprints and more heterogeneous remote user network environments:

“Remote work is going to be a constant part of the business,” Conneen said. “If they want to work from home two or three days a week, we will support that.”

“We’ve tripled our Verizon LTE footprint. We had 30 or 40 pre-pandemic, and now we have 100,” Conneen said. “It’s going to be such a heterogeneous environment that we’ll need flexibility with network monitoring. We need visibility. The boundaries of work are going to be fuzzier, and tools like NetBeez are going to be essential.”

Read the paper and get the whole story. Thank you Brian and Shamus!

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