WiFi 6 Webinar

NetBeez recently released Version 14.0 that includes support for monitoring conditions and WiFi6/6E. On Thursday 3/14 (aka Pi Day!). We are hosting a Webinar to discuss details about the new NetBeez sensor that supports WiFi6/6E, its specifications, capabilities and features.

More specifically, we’ll talk about and demonstrate the following:


WiFi-Protected Access (WPA) uses passwords to encrypt the communication between a WiFi client and the Access Point. WPA2 was introduced in 2004 and WPA3 is the next generation security standard. When setting up a WiFi profile on the NetBeez dashboard you have the following authentication methods available:

In addition, you can specify if Protected Management Frames (PMF) are required, optional or disabled, and whether to choose the 6GHz band for the profile.

Packet Capture

The NetBeez agents have the ability to capture WiFi traffic. Below you can see that you can set the channels, duration and channel hopping interval for the capture. With the introduction of WiFi 6E we’ve added the ability for packet capturing in the 6GHz band.

6GHz SSID Scan

The NetBeez agents have the ability to scan the air for available SSIDs and display them on the dashboard. With the introduction of WiFi 6E and 6GHz support, and an SSID scan looks as follows:

This is a quick overview of what we’ll cover during the Webinar.

Register for our webinar to enter for a chance to win $100 Amazon gift card! One lucky attendee will be chosen at random during the webinar on March 14.

I am looking forward to seeing you a tomorrow’s Webinar!

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