Rethink the Future of work, Rethink Your Network

The New Workplace Requires a New Vision of the Network

Is your workforce about to return to the office for the 40 hour week or embrace the new flex workplace? Either way, you’ll want to hear how networks are evolving to support new and more complex operating and performance demands.

Network engineers and help desks are even more strategic to organization performance. Why? Because employees are now interconnected by networks than hallways and meeting rooms.

From cloud apps to consumer routers and ISP hops a new reality has set in. The old approaches to management and monitoring are now obsolete and the network is changing at a faster pace than ever. The future is here.

Monitoring the end-user experience is now more important than knowing the status of switches or routers. Legacy network monitoring solutions fall short of today’s requirements. Raw data is more insightful than traffic samples. Path analysis is more important than ever because the Internet routes that employee packets are traveling are far more dynamic and complex than on-premises environments.

NetBeez Co-Founder and CEO Stefano Gridelli joins NetBeez Business Development Executive Giovanni Paliska and Zeus Kerravala, founder and Principal Analyst of ZK Research to talk about the new challenges and new approaches shaping the future of networking.

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They’ve heard a range of perspectives over the last twelve months, from Fortune 50 execs dealing with 100% employee remote workforces to network engineers at large school districts that made the shift to remote classrooms and health care systems employing telemedicine to deliver patient care.

They’ll share the war stories and the victories. You’ll discover how your peers discovered and then dealt with the new challenges and opportunities. From rising numbers of help desk tickets to higher costs per ticket, there were many surprises. How did their experience compare with yours and what did they learn?

Answering Key Questions

What are the challenges remote end-users are experiencing and how are they impacting the network operations and help desk teams? How are organizations extending visibility into the end-user experience to diagnose problems faster, sometimes before users even notice? How can existing teams become more productive, as the number of locations increases, and as networks become more complex and dynamic?

Join us in this interactive session as our experts field questions, share data, and collaborate to build the new vision of work and the network. Develop your new flex strategies based on real data and peer experiences.

In minutes you’ll learn what your peers spent weeks (or even months) discovering. What does the future of networking look like as we transform our workplace and network performance becomes more critical to the bottom line? Join us for a lively, interactive discussion.

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