NetBeez at ONUG Fall 2019

ONUG Fall 2019

I am happy to announce that this October NetBeez is presenting at the ONUG Fall 2019 event in New York City. If you haven’t heard about ONUG before, its goal is to “bring together the full IT community to allow IT business leaders to learn from peers, to make informed open infrastructure deployment decisions, and to create dialogue between the vendor and user communities to collectively drive open infrastructure choices and options via aggregated use case requirements.“, which aligns wholeheartedly with NetBeez’ vision.

At this event, we’d like to connect with organizations that manage a large multi-cloud hybrid network; we’ll also hold a 10-minute session that illustrates our solution to achieving network visibility in such large and distributed network environments.

ONUG Working Groups

ONUG is comprised of working groups that cover specific areas of interest. Working groups may change based on technology trends, customers’ needs and priorities. For the 2019 fall event, five working groups are defined:

  1. Hybrid Multi-Cloud Security (previously SD Security Services)
  2. Hybrid Multi-Cloud Observability (previously Monitoring & Analytics)
  3. SD-WAN 2.0
  4. Orchestration & Automation (this is a new category)
  5. AIOps for Hybrid Multi-Cloud (this is a new category)

The goal of working groups is to carry out ONUG’s mission to make informed decisions on infrastructure deployments and create a dialogue between vendors and users. Here’s how the process works… 

ONUG Working Groups – Collaborative Process (Image credits ONUG).

Firstly, enterprise users meet to vote on the use cases and technology needs that are at the top of the priority list. Such use cases relate to the challenges that enterprise users are currently facing in the deployment and implementation phases of hybrid multi-cloud solutions. Once the top priorities are defined, ONUG working groups are formed. The ONUG working groups include not only the enterprise users, but also Solution Integrators (SIs) and vendors. 

Working groups then define the high priority use cases with Request For Proposals (RFPs). Individually or collaboratively vendors have the opportunity to present solutions to the RFPs which were published by the ONUG working groups. Presentations can also include Proof of Concepts (PoCs) that validate such solutions. Optionally, vendors can submit their solutions for testing and validation to the ONUG Solution Integrators and/or enterprise users.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Observability

The goal of the “hybrid multi-cloud observability” working group is to specify “the requirements for observability in hybrid multi-cloud environments in which the enterprise doesn’t own, operate and control the underlying infrastructure.” 

Observability spans multiple domains – (Image credits ONUG).

Given the relevance to NetBeez’s mission and expertise, we will be presenting our solution at ONUG Fall 2019 based on this use case. If you want to read about our approach to this challenge, you can read the article “Network Visibility in Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments” which was published to the ONUG’s blog. In this article, we explain why network visibility in hybrid multi-cloud environments require the implementation of a distributed, active, continuous, and end-to-end network performance monitoring solution.


If you are interested in solving today’s hybrid multi-cloud challenges, you should attend the ONUG Fall 2019 event. You can register here and use the NETBEF19 code to receive a 30% discount upon check out. If you are planning to attend this event, please reach out to us. It would be great to connect in person, in NYC this October! Hope to see you there!

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