Network Team at Global Semiconductor Leader Doesn’t Guess Around

Hundreds of miles away from their headquarters they’ve added a new switch in a manufacturing plant. There is a bandwidth issue, but they cannot pinpoint the problem. On-site personnel think it’s the network, but their WAN monitoring tools indicate their switches and routers are properly functioning. Yet the intermittent problems continue for weeks.

The networking team considers flying an engineer to the plant to diagnose the issue, since their monitoring tools weren’t giving them enough data. They could only guess. A brand new switch throttled their bandwidth intermittently, so it wasn’t easily detectable with their monitoring tools.

They discovered NetBeez and saved the airfare, not to mention the network engineer’s time to travel and join in the guessing game. They shipped a few sensors to the location, then quickly isolated and discovered the problem from their headquarters. 

“NetBeez is an awesome tool because it delivers unmatched visibility and root cause validation right to your desktop, often before users even know there is a problem.” – Principal Network Architect

They used the raw data from their NetBeez sensor to prove that the new switch was the problem all along. All they needed was insight into the issue. Then they discovered more benefits, including insight into carrier issues. They developed the ability to identify issues in carrier networks several hops away.

NetBeez insight now helps the team easily identify bottlenecks, misconfiguration and capacity issues and keep service providers on top of any potential problems. Their team is more productive and their users appreciate their responsiveness.

SD-WAN Confidence

They’re upgrading their networks to SD-WAN and leveraging high performance monitoring to keep up with gateway and split tunnel issues, again before users even notice. They can upgrade to SD-WAN without worrying about issues often hidden by standard monitoring tools. It’s a win/win.

“With NetBeez we’re in greater control than ever. The team can now discover carrier issues before the carriers even know they have them,  from multiple hops away.” – Principal Network Architect

When your team is responsible for a global network connecting some of the world’s most demanding customers, dozens of remote sites and multiple cloud environments you need more than guesswork…you need NetBeez’ insight.

NetBeez is fundamentally different because it delivers insight in seconds, eliminating the guesswork. Your team can even diagnose issues that have nothing to do with the network, but look like they do. You get the data you need to reduce the time needed for root cause analysis and stay focused on strategic initiatives.

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