NetBeez at Networking Field Day 12

On August 12 2016, Panos and I represented NetBeez at Networking Field Day 12. If you don’t know what Networking Field Day (NFD) is, it’s a livestreamed event where IT product vendors like NetBeez present their technology and solutions to networking experts, the delegates, most of them are CCIEs. They get to play at work, or for personal interest, with many different technologies and, as result, also like to write reviews about these products.

When I was a full-time network engineer, I always used to watch NFD to stay informed about the latest technologies and trends. Now that I am on the other side of the table, I love NFD even more for three reasons:

  1. We can get honest feedback about NetBeez from the delegates.
  2. The live stream event is recorded and can be shared with current and future users.
  3. Oftentimes, the delegates write reviews about your product, providing more feedback on it.

Actually, one of the delegates, Tim Miller, has already shared his feedback in a blog post. Tim did an in-depth analysis of NetBeez, and I encourage you to read it: Seeing the Network Through Your User’s Eyes.

At NFD12, we announced the new release of NetBeez, which includes features like scheduled Iperf, Internet Speedtest, and VoIP call quality estimates. If you want to read more about these new features, you can check out the press release as well as the release notes on our online documentation portal.

Here you will find the four video segments that were recorded during the two hours of the event. Two hours may be a lot, so if you don’t have a lot of time, I recommend that you watch the “NetBeez Architecture and Features” video presented by Panos Vouzis, NetBeez Co-Founder and main developer of the Beez.

NetBeez and Distributed Network Monitoring

NetBeez and Distributed Network Monitoring- from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

Stefano Gridelli, CEO and Co-Founder, introduces NetBeez and discusses how its distributed monitoring architecture helps organizations monitor critical assets without a significant investment in monitoring tools and software.

NetBeez Architecture and Features

NetBeez Architecture and Features from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

Panos Vouzis, COO and Co-Founder, discusses the architecture behind the NetBeez distributed monitoring architecture and how it uses Raspberry Pi agents to add features and enhance network monitoring.

NetBeez Live Demonstration

NetBeez Live Demonstration with Stefano Gridelli from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

Stefano Gridelli, CEO and Co-Founder, gives a complete demonstration of the NetBeez software user interface and the information that it can provide for organizations that need to monitor critical resources.

NetBeez Typical Customer Installation

NetBeez Typical Customer Installation from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

Stefano Gridelli, CEO and Co-Founder, gives a quick overview of a typical NetBeez deployment at a customer site.


The NFD12 delegates gave us a lot of feedback and requests for features that we agree with. This means that our users can expect to see the following implemented in upcoming releases:

  • Support for containers
  • HTTP transactions
  • Re-organization of the user interface
  • Path analysis

I hope you’ll have time to watch the videos and share your feedback in the comments section. Ciao!

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