NetBeez at Interop 2016

This year, NetBeez was selected as the official end-user monitoring solution of InteropNet, the temporary enterprise network that serves exhibitors and attendees at Interop. For those who don’t know, Interop is the annual IT trade show that takes place in Las Vegas and whose mission is to facilitate interoperability between vendors.

netbeez agents

Several vendors sponsored the event and provided their technology in support: Ruckus for wireless, CenturyLink for Internet connectivity, NetBeez and PathSolutions for end-user performance monitoring and network troubleshooting.

InteropNet was a success! As I will prove in this blog post, throughout the conference, the network provided stable and reliable wired and wireless services to the exhibitors and attendees.

How many people attended?

More than 6,000 attendees and approximately 200 exhibitors filled the conference floor of the trade show. That required 80 switches and 60 access points to cover a considerable part of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the venue of Interop.

How many BEEZ were required to monitor such a network?

During the show, we deployed 28 agents to verify constant network connectivity and application performance:

  • 13 FastE agents to test end-to-end connectivity
  • 11 WiFi agents to monitor wireless performance
  • 1 external agent
  • 1 virtual agent running on the virtual environment
  • 1 GigE agent to do periodic speed tests

What was the overall end-user experience?

Here are few findings:

  • The average end-to-end round-trip time within the conference floor was 2 milliseconds.
  • The wireless network performed well and the average HTTP GET time was 0.2 seconds.
  • The network was stable overall and most of the agents reported five nines of availability.

If you would like to learn more about it, I wrote a detailed article published last week on Network Computing. Here’s the link if you are interested in reading the article:

Would you like to test NetBeez yourself?

NetBeez is not your traditional network monitoring tool that runs on a server in the data center and interacts via SNMP with routers, switches, or wireless access points. The system is based on small wired, wireless, and virtual sensors (BEEZ) that are deployed at remote offices to detect network and application issues. Our customers (GoDaddy, Kingston, Goodwill, …) use the BEEZ to measure the end-user experience and quickly troubleshoot network and application issues. If you think NetBeez can help you better support your wide area network, just request a demo.

Suggested readings: Download the guide to remote office monitoring.

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