Help Your Help Desk with Remote User Challenges

The Remote User Challenges

As the pandemic continues to affect our life’s and changes our approach to the work environment, enterprises must deal with the new concept of a full or hybrid remote workforce and its challenges. Remote work is particularly problematic for IT support organizations as traditional enterprise tools for network monitoring were not designed for consumer grade home offices. Monthly tickets from remote workers requesting help have increased by 35% from pre-pandemic level. Remote workers dealing with complex connectivity issues and lack of technical skills have contributed to the rise of the average service ticket cost. Help Desk teams are frustrated and lack tools and knowledge to help solve these issues, so they escalate the tickets to the next level further increasing cost and time to resolution.

Working in the Dark

IT teams just don’t have enough time to support remote work and address the issues that have snowballed as a result. Many of these trouble tickets go unresolved, especially when the IT team doesn’t have the tools to troubleshoot devices outside the corporate networks. When an employee submits a ticket, the help desk has almost no visibility into, or context about, the state of the device in question. IT employees need greater visibility and control, while employees need instant access to help, with minimal disruption.
The help desk needs to utilize data to solve problems. The kind of data available can make all the difference in determining how quickly problems are solved. Collecting real-time data about endpoints in the enterprise creates new opportunities for help desks and the employees they support. 

Monitoring Endpoint Performance and Connectivity

One option for easing the burden of IT organizations and specifically reduce the escalation of tickets, is to deploy a monitoring solution providing instant and real data to the Help Desk to isolate and troubleshoot issues related to connectivity. Make the endpoint the center of the IT universe. 

It’s time for help desk teams to leave hour-long phone calls and clunky remote access agents behind. Instead, take advantage of real-time data to discover — quickly and easily — what’s happening on the endpoints they’re supporting:

  • Perform initial triage, diagnosis, and remediation.
  • Reduce the escalation of tickets from L1 to L2
  • Reduce the number of steps employees need to take to resolve an issue. 
  • Set an alert and proactively fix it before a ticket is ever entered.
  • Understanding network issues, cause and first resolution
  • Isolating application issues, ISP, Network, Desktop
  • Simplifying the network data for better understanding and ticket resolution
  • Customized dashboard providing easily identifiable issues with basic knowledge

How NetBeez Monitors Endpoint Devices

NetBeez is a distributed network monitoring solution that runs end-to-end performance tests. Agents deployed on end points constantly monitor the primary performance metrics. NetBeez provides proactive detection of end-user issues caused by any of the listed items and provides historical data on those metrics and empowers the help desk support team to address most of the trouble tickets, reducing troubleshooting time, unneeded escalations to higher levels, and helping the whole IT organization run leaner and efficiently:

  • The end-user workstation when it shows high CPU or Memory consumption
  • The WiFi network if it has low signal strength or high noise
  • An application issue related to the servers or network
  • A network issue related to the end-user’s Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • A network issue related to an Internet performance issue
  • A WiFi issue causing connectivity problems
Remote Work


The pandemic has pushed transformation of the service desk to the top of the IT agenda. IT teams need to be more flexible and agile in their approach. Organizations need to rethink how they rise to the challenges of greater visibility and control that IT help desks and employees require. The help desk team needs to manage demand quickly and efficiently and ensure employees get what they need to stay productive. A monitoring endpoint solution is critical to empowering service desk agents and employees to solve issues quickly and efficiently so that high productivity is maintained throughout. 

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