Meet us at Cisco Live US 2022

Three years after the last in-person event in San Diego, Cisco Live US turns hybrid. The 2022 physical event will be hosted at the Mandalay Bay, in Las Vegas, from June 12 through June 16. For those that would like to participate but are unable to attend in person, Cisco is still offering the event in virtual format, as it has for the past two years due to the pandemic. The live streaming will begin on June 13 and will run until the 15th.

Meet NetBeez at CLUS22

As a Cisco Partner, NetBeez is exhibiting at booth #1026. If you need to locate us, keep in mind that our booth is close to those of VMware and Equinix. Come and check out our new booth, and discover what’s new with us and the product. I am sure that I will be able to meet many of you that are attending the event. This year, the event organizers expect about 15,000 attendees. This is a pretty large number, if you consider that a few years back, in 2019, there were approximately 18,000 attendees (from what I was told). 

For those that last met us at Cisco Live US 2019, the team and I can’t wait to show you the new features that we have released since then. You can take a quick look by watching the NetBeez product updates session we presented recently at Networking Field Day 28.

It’s All About Hybrid Work and Cloud!

If you took a look at the online agenda, it’s clear that this year’s theme is mostly covering hybrid work and the hybrid cloud. I expect that many of the attendees will be looking for solutions or directions on how to implement best practices around these two topics. Nevertheless, hybrid work and hybrid cloud are two themes that align well with NetBeez. Our platform has always been designed to help IT organizations to efficiently manage thousands of remote users, hundreds of remote locations, and hybrid cloud environments.

Health Measures

Different from the last pre-COVID Cisco Live, we will all have to be aware of the health measures and requirements this June. The Cisco Live organizers have implemented a set of protocols in response to Covid-19. First of all, to attend the event it’s required to be fully vaccinated and have proof of vaccination. Second, face coverings are not currently required within Las Vegas per local government/health authority requirements. However, face coverings are recommended by Cisco to prioritize the health and safety of all attendees. The staff also recommends attendees have a negative COVID-19 test result within 24 hours prior to arriving in Las Vegas. You can find more details on Health and Safety at Cisco Live US 22 here.

Closing Remarks

One recommendation for those who will be attending the event for the first time: make sure that you have comfortable shoes because the Mandalay Bay Convention Center is huge. I also believe that, to facilitate social distancing, the event will cover a wider area of the convention center then previous sessions. Each day you will walk many miles. Also, I always find it great to carry lip balm with me and a water bottle to hydrate, as the both indoor and outdoor air is very dry.

To conclude, Cisco Live is not only a conference that I attend to meet attendees in person and showcase NetBeez. I also look forward to greeting and reuniting with other Cisco Partners attending this in-person event, and discover what has changed in these last years.

To conclude: I hope to see you all at the NetBeez booth (#1026) in the World of Solutions.

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