Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

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Enhance hybrid cloud network visibility and performance

If your organization is managing a hybrid cloud, it’s very important to monitor key network performance metrics that can impact the performance of data transfers to and from the cloud. This applies no matter if your interconnect is based on VPN or direct connect. The same network performance metrics that are monitored in on-prem environments should be analyzed in public cloud deployments.
NetBeez runs network performance tests between private and public clouds, proactively detecting network performance issues that slow down the network. The system can detect connectivity issues, as well as performance degradations related to packet loss and high round-trip time, which are two factors that affect throughput. 

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Support for Hybrid Cloud Networks

NetBeez offers cloud monitoring agents for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as virtual agents for on-premise data centers.

Having a system in place that constantly reports network performance metrics is necessary to achieve operational efficiencies and minimize service interruptions and support tickets.

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Hybrid Cloud Monitoring: Unlimited Deployment Options

A hybrid cloud is an environment where an organization’s on-prem network is connected with a public cloud to extend services and applications. This architecture enables organizations to easily move compute workloads between the two environments. Organizations adopting a hybrid cloud strategy generally select two or more public cloud providers. Such architecture is also referred to as hybrid multi-cloud. At the moment, the most popular public cloud providers are Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba. However, many other providers such as Oracle and IBM Cloud are offering public cloud services. NetBeez offers deployment options for any public cloud, via simple options.


AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure


VMware, HyperV, and KVM


Docker containers


Linux systems

Monitor connectivity and performance from on-prem to any cloud