Have you insured 100% of your infrastructure or just parts of it?

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Many see IT investment in monitoring tools as a cost since it doesn’t produce any explicit revenue. However, in today’s world where network connectivity and online presence is a central pillar for just about every business, it becomes apparent that any downtime has an immediate revenue impact associated with it….

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Home ISP performance monitoring with BISmark

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A couple of months ago I blogged about using Raspberry Pi’s as home network monitoring agents. The idea was to collect data from home networks and compare the performance of different ISP’s as well as detect outages and get notified about them. Guess what? There is nothing new under the…

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NetNORAD: Active network monitoring at Facebook

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Active monitoring of data centers is nothing new to NetBeez. In a previous post, I showed how leaf-and-spine data centers based on Cumulus Linux can be monitored with NetBeez. I also wrote about how Microsoft is monitoring its data centers with an active probing system called Pingmesh. You may not…

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