New Release: NetBeez Version 1.2

We’re excited to announce the NetBeez version 1.2. The BeezKeeper is the central server that hosts the NetBeez user dashboard, controls the agents, processes the real-time performance data collected, and generates alerts when outages or performance degradation occurs. It’s hosted on the cloud or on-premise. The 1.2 release includes new, dynamic reporting features as well as bug fixes. The major features and improvements are:

  • Improved reports: Users can generate network summary reports, as well as reports on agents, targets, and scheduled tests like Iperf, SpeedTest, and VoIP. Reports can be exported as PDF or scheduled to be sent via email as PDF attachments. [Documentation]
  • Interactive agent console: The command line interface of the agents can be accessed directly from the dashboard. Interactive shell commands can be executed directly from the dashboard as well. [Documentation]
  • New SNMP traps: The NETBEEZ-BEEZKEEPER-MIB includes all SNMP trap notifications that the BeezKeeper generates. If you are interested in forwarding all the BeezKeeper alerts to an SNMP trap receiver, then you should definitely take a look at this feature. [Documentation]
  • New multi-conditional alerts: Roll your own combination of performance baseline and watermark alert profiles that are triggered when both a baseline and a watermark condition are met. [Documentation]
  • Percentile-based mean: If enabled, performance alerts can be configured that will be based on percentile averages, which exclude data points that fall outside the two-sigma (standard deviation) interval. This feature reduces the number of false positive performance alerts triggered by outliers. [Documentation]

All servers and agents automatically download the software package and apply the update. You can read the release notes here. Feel free to reach out to support @ netbeez . net to answer any questions or address any issues you might have.

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