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Troubleshooting: ICMP Host Unreachable

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This article has two messages to deliver. The first being the technical piece where I review what the ICMP message means and what we tried to resolve the issue.  The second is to illustrate the methodology used. I wanted to make those statements because in the past, some readers tend to concentrate too much on the technical information and gloss over the methodology part of the article. Read More

Using Ping Options More Effectively

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I feel sorry for ping.  Ping has been beaten up, abused, misunderstood, banned and even tossed aside.

Ping was originally used to check if a device was up or down, period.  Back in the day, equipment failure was very common. I chuckle thinking back at those sales people that used Mean Time Between Failure to sell their equipment. As network analysts, we needed a way to see if our hardware or equipment failed and ping did the trick.

Over the years, SNMP was introduced to aid in network visibility, but we still used ping for simple up and down checks. In the 90s, bandwidth limits were becoming an issue, so we used ping response time results to determine if a device or link was slowing us down.
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