WAN and SD-WAN Monitoring

Detect and Troubleshoot Remote Network Issues From Your Desk

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“Previously, we used multiple tools to help us manage and monitor changes, before and after they were made. Now with the NetBeez agent, we can see down to the actual response time and the path that traffic takes,”

Brad Addington, Network Engineer at AmWINS Group

Enhance WAN uptime and performance

NetBeez is a distributed network monitoring system that enables infrastructure and operations teams to quickly detect and troubleshoot remote network problems.

NetBeez Capabilities

  • End-to-end network telemetry
  • Trend analysis and remote detection
  • Service assurance and SLA enforcement
  • Support for incidents and notifications
  • Integration with Slack, Splunk, PagerDuty

Real-Time Performance Data and Analytics

Plug-And-Play Ethernet and WiFi sensors report real-time data on network connectivity, Internet speed, DNS, and web performance. When one or more sensors detect an anomaly, the dashboard reports if the problem is related to the network, application, or WiFi network.

NetBeez delivers immediate visibility in user experience and network performance from all your remote sites.

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Ethernet Sensor, VM, or Docker container

The NetBeez Ethernet sensor is a small appliance that can be deployed at remote offices and connected to a switch or a branch router.

In alternative, many networking vendors such as Cisco and Extreme support NetBeez virtual machines or Docker containers.

Watch the webinar on Loudoun County Public Schools’ deployment of NetBeez agents on Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series

Learn about NetBeez monitoring

Discover the specifications of the NetBeez monitoring agents and central server, plus key features of the network monitoring solution. In this PDF you’ll learn more about:

  • Server requirements
  • Monitoring sensors hardware specifications
  • Software and virtual agents deployment options
  • Dashboard and product features
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