Detect and Troubleshoot Remote Network Issues From Your Desk

Enhance uptime and performance of your WAN and SD-WAN

Collect real-time network connectivity and performance data with remote network monitoring sensors that enable faster root cause analysis than many traditional monitoring solutions.

Learn how to detect and troubleshoot remote network issues on the dashboard

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NetBeez Network Monitoring
WiFi Monitoring: Performance

Real-Time Performance Data and Analytics

Plug-And-Play Ethernet and WiFi sensors report real-time data on network connectivity, Internet speed, DNS, and web performance. When one or more sensors detect an anomaly, the dashboard reports if the problem is related to the network, application, or WiFi network.

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NetBeez gave us a proactive troubleshooting tip for a problem that could have gotten worse at a later time.

David FloresSenior Network Administrator at Kingston

We’ll see high latency times or rejected pings from a cloud or onsite server and warn clients that there is a chance they’ll start having problems. That’s the kind of partner we pride ourselves on being.

Travis BankDirector of Technical Operations at TOURtech

We have found Netbeez to be invaluable in illuminating areas of our network that we would normally not be able to see, to quickly be able to make an issue determination and remediation plans.

GavinISP Systems Engineer at Trustpower

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s crucial to have immediate visibility in user experience and performance, especially at remote sites.

Ethernet Sensor

The Ethernet sensor is a small-form factor appliance that can be deployed in remote offices and connected on a switch or a router to monitor the performance of the LAN and WAN/SD-WAN.

WiFi Sensor

The WiFi sensor has the same characteristics of Ethernet sensors with the addition of a 802.11ac card that enable monitoring on any WiFi network. Compare LAN, WAN and WiFi performance to reduce Time To Resolution of complex network performance issues.

Use Cases

NetBeez sensors provide real-time data from remote locations, reducing guessing during troubleshooting. NetBeez’ Active Intelligence boosts IT productivity by:

1. Proactively detecting problems before users do
2. Cutting down troubleshooting time
3. Identifying network degradation issues

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