Remote Office Monitoring

Discover and Fix WAN and SD-WAN Issues Without Costly Upgrades

Enhance WAN uptime and performance with a new generation of sensors

Collect real-time network connectivity and performance data with sensors that run ping, traceroute, iperf, speedtest and many more tests not available with many traditional network monitoring solutions.

Learn how to control Ethernet and WiFi agents on the dashboard

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Network Monitoring Sensors

The agents are small Ethernet and WiFi appliances that verify network connectivity, Internet speed, DNS, and run transactions with web applications to ensure that the network is always available and well performing.

When one or more sensors detect an anomaly, the dashboard reports if the problem is related to the network, application, or WiFi network.

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specs and features

“NetBeez gave us a proactive troubleshooting tip for a problem that could have gotten worse at a later time.”

David FloresSenior Network Administrator at Kingston

“We realized we needed a solution that gives us different points of measurement to collect the data we needed to effectively determine the cause of the reported issue...NetBeez is a must-have tool for the connected multi-site enterprise.”

KeithDirector of Cloud Services at TMW

“We have found Netbeez to be invaluable in illuminating areas of our network that we would normally not be able to see, to quickly be able to make an issue determination and remediation plans.”

GavinISP Systems Engineer at Trustpower


Ethernet Sensor

The Ethernet sensor is a small-form factor appliance that can be deployed in remote offices and connected on a switch or a router to monitor the performance of the LAN and WAN.

Ethernet (GigE model)
CPU: 1.91 GHz quad-core (Intel Atom)
Disk Drive: 8 GB
Ethernet NIC: 10/100/1000 Mbps (RJ-45)
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) available

Use Cases

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s crucial to have immediate visibility in user experience and performance, especially at remote sites. NetBeez sensors provide real-time data from remote locations, reducing guessing during troubleshooting. NetBeez’ Active WAN Intelligence boosts WAN and SD-WAN management productivity by:

1. Proactively detecting problems before users do
2. Cutting down troubleshooting time thanks
3. Identifying network degradation issues

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