NetBeez Remote Office Monitoring

The Problem:
Unable to easily see what problems the end-user is experiencing

The Solution:
Deploy agents to remote locations that report back data in real-time

Network Monitoring from the End-User Perspective

NetBeez is a simple plug-and-play solution: the network administrator just connects one of the agents to the switch port or to the WiFi network at each remote office.

Here’s how it works:

NetBeez provides agents to deploy at any and all of your remote offices. Your team uses the Beez to continuously verify network connectivity, service availability, and application performance in real-time.

Check out deployed Beez in real-time below!

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Monitoring Sensors

The agents are small Ethernet and WiFi appliances that perform transactions with web and SaaS applications, making sure that those perform well and that, at the same time, users have network connectivity and bandwidth.

Should an error arise, the network administrator can understand if it is affecting only one user, a remote office, the whole WAN, or the entire user base of the application or cloud service.

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Use Cases

NetBeez enables network engineers to be more efficient to manage a WAN that has many remote locations.
Network monitoring from the end-user perspective will enable to:

1. Detect problems before users do
2. Quickly troubleshoot network versus application issues
3. Identify performance degradation trends with real-time and historical data

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