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Goodwill of Southwestern PA

“We were able to easily deploy NetBeez agents in all of our stores in our 17 county service territory. This instantly delivered our IT staff remote network visibility, enabling Goodwill to support and troubleshoot network and application issues in minutes rather than days.”

Kirk Selenberg, VP of IT

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“Things changed when we started using NetBeez. On the dashboard I can quickly access the network availability and application performance data collected in real-time by all the agents. This translates to faster problem resolution, decreased service downtime and reduced onsite tech dispatches.”

Ernest Williams, Network Manager

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Veterans United Home Loans

“With NetBeez we are able to see how traffic is routing back to our data centers from the local offices, which helps us identify latency, packet loss, and asymmetric routing problems,” said Goodwin. “With over 50 targets configured in NetBeez currently, we can monitor not only resources our users connect to in our data centers, but access to resources in the cloud.”

Eric Goodwin, Systems Architect

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TMW Cloud Services

“We realized we needed a solution that gives us different points of measurement to collect the data we needed to effectively determine the cause of the reported issue. We deployed the NetBeez agents at critical nodes at the troubled site and by running large frame packet tests, we very quickly identified that the problem was with the ISP provider and not our hosting systems. The problem was then able to be resolved quickly. NetBeez is a must-have tool for the connected multi-site enterprise.”

Keith Weitz, Director of Cloud Services

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Windward School

“Rarely does a product do everything advertised in a straightforward manner. During the first weekend we had agents in place they alerted us to a condition on our network that would have caused several hours of downtime on Monday morning. Instead, the issue was identified and removed before most users even knew there was a problem!”

Jim Bologna, Director of Technology and Co-Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

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Kingston Technology

“Netbeez sent us alerts that the response time for the internal targets we monitor were higher than normal on the local lan. We noticed that the ICMP response time to all our servers in the data center was higher than average. NetBeez gave us a proactive troubleshooting tip for a problem that could have gotten worse at a later time.”

David Flores, Sr. Network Administrator at Kingston Technology

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“We need tools that provide our IT team with great visibility into our network performance so we can proactively address issues. NetBeez provides this by acting as our canary in the coal mine. IT can now capture and establish baseline statistics on the user experience for each office floor, get notified when network performance deteriorates, and be proactive in taking corrective measures.”

Manuel Bernal, Director of Information Technology at Thumbtack

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