NetBeez Launches BeezKeeper™ for Proactive Network Monitoring

PITTSBURGH, PA – ( Aug 9, 2016) – NetBeez, a company enabling proactive network performance visibility, today announced the release of NetBeez BeezKeeper™, a solution that reduces the amount of time network administrators and IT teams invest in identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving performance issues of enterprise infrastructure and cloud applications. NetBeez BeezKeeper deploys proactive, end user simulations that deliver real-time data results to the NetBeez dashboard for multi-site administration.

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Today’s network administrators are faced with increasing pressure to quickly identify and resolve network issues, however, visibility to predict such outages remains limited. The NetBeez BeezKeeper relies on dedicated sensors installed at remote office locations that capture the end user experience and relay information to a centralized dashboard, highlighting where performance issues have occurred before the network teams are alerted by the users.

Stefano Gridelli, chief executive officer, NetBeez, states, “We recognized there was a need for proactive visibility and detection of network outages and degradation. The NetBeez BeezKeeper supports our strategy to provide unprecedented views of network health on the world’s most sophisticated enterprise networks.”

NetBeez BeezKeeper Feature Highlights Include:

  • TCP or UDP Data Transfers: manage TCP or UDP-based data transfers to gather quantifiable and actionable information about bandwidth availability between remote WAN sites.
  • Internet Speedtesting: the NetBeez dashboard can instruct wired and wireless sensors to run speedtests to verify download and upload bandwidth availability at each remote network location. The results are then saved to the dashboard to verify and compare Internet bandwidth at WAN sites.
  • VoIP Call Simulation: schedule VoIP call quality simulations on wired and wireless sensors by using the most common VoIP codes to include G.711 and G.729. Each VoIP simulation can report parameters like jitter, dropped packets, and provide an estimate of Mean Opinion Score (MOS).

NetBeez BeezKeeper is available and shipping today with annual subscription pricing starting at $3,600 for five wired sensors.

NetBeez, Inc. is a proactive network performance monitoring company delivering the only fully-scalable monitoring solution that continuously simulates user connectivity on any wired or wireless network. Dedicated sensors called Beez simulate an end user and enable proactive identification of the most complex network issues by revealing complete visibility of the issue before it occurs, helping to significantly reduce IT’s time to resolution. Customers to include Thumbtack, Kingston, and other Fortune 2,000 organizations utilize NetBeez for a comprehensive and proactive network monitoring solution at an affordable price. For more information, visit us at or follow us on Twitter @NetBeez.

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