Our Partners

Our technology partners offer network management and monitoring solutions that are complementary to NetBeez. These integrations enable our customers to deploy and manage large-scale network environments.


The Cisco Integrated Services Router is a routing platform designed to provide connectivity and hosting of network services consumed by branch offices. As the product name implies, this platform can run additional or third party network services without the need of deploying new hardware. Cisco customers that have an Integrated Service Router at remote branch offices can easily deploy NetBeez monitoring agents as ISR virtual services. NetBeez on the Cisco Marketplace | Install NetBeez on a Cisco ISR


The partnership between Cumulus Networks and NetBeez is a win-win situation for customers of both companies. With NetBeez, Cumulus Networks’ users will be able to install and run agents on their open hardware switches to monitor network and application performance, reviewing historical baselines and detecting degradation issues. And thanks to Cumulus Networks, NetBeez users will be able to extend their monitoring capabilities into cloud computing and datacenter network environments. Monitor data centers based on Cumulus Networks