Network performance monitoring from the end-user perspective.

Our Solutions

NetBeez complements SNMP and passive performance monitoring tools by revealing the true end-user experience. Plug-and-play hardware, software, and cloud agents provide the visibility that is required in evolving network infrastructure and business needs.

Wireless Monitoring

With the number of WiFi clients outpacing wired workstations, it’s a real challenge for network engineers and administrators to assure good performance and quality of service to wireless users. A wireless infrastructure has more moving parts than a traditional wired network that can impact the end user experience. But with NetBeez, network engineers can rely on dedicated agents that simulate end-users on the network and get real-time performance data.

Office Monitoring

Network users always expect connectivity and optimally performing applications. These requirements are pushing WAN technologies to evolve, and with it, network monitoring is shifting from infrastructure management to a productivity tool that enables IT to be more efficient and cost-effective. NetBeez is the leading end-user network monitoring solution for enterprises and the Dashboard enables users to obtain network metrics and analytics from any network environment.

NetBeez offers real-time and historical data about your network and application performance.

Data is collected through hardware, virtual, or cloud appliances in support of any network environment and delivered to you on your own NetBeez Dashboard.

NetBeez supports hardware, software, and virtual agents. The hardware agents are FastE, GigE, and WiFi. The software agent can be installed on a GNU/Linux host, and the virtual agent on VMware or other hypervisors.

The BeezKeeper is the central server that hosts the user dashboard, controls the agents, processes the real-time performance data collected, and generates alerts when outages or performance degradations occur. The BeezKeeper can run on the cloud or on-premise.

Scalable monthly and annual plans

No matter how many remote sites your organization has, NetBeez has a solution that fits your needs. Whether you choose an enterprise or cloud plan, all NetBeez plans support plug-and-play wired, wireless, or virtual agents deployed at each remote location and a NetBeez Dashboard.

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