Trustpower Chooses NetBeez to Support its Network Operations


Trustpower is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) headquartered in New Zealand and one of the latest providers of UFB over fibre in the country. Their history dates back to 1915 as Tauranga’s first power station. The telco has over 75,000 telecommunications customer connections, including phone and Internet services to over 25,000 customers on Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB). They are also one of New Zealand’s largest providers of UFB over fibre.


One of Trustpower’s main issues was that they didn’t have full end-to-end control of all of their network elements. Instead, they had to rely on a third party to backhaul their customer traffic. This third party provided the connection from Trustpower’s customer’s premises to the local exchanges. In some cases, they had to rely on additional third-party vendors to pick up from the exchanges and backhaul to their POPs, where they would either backhaul or pay to have it backhauled to one of their POPs. Therefore, it was necessary for Trustpower to find a method of determining where issues were occurring so they could focus on the correct area of the network to work on.


NetBeez recommended the following deployment:

  • GigEthernet agents deployed at users’ homes, Internet exchanges, and POPs
  • One virtual network monitoring sensor at the data center (Virtual Beez)
  • One monitoring target for key websites most commonly access by home subscribers (e.g. Facebook, Google)
  • Scheduled network speed tests and iperf to verify Internet speed and throughput

Trustpower has found the ability to aggregate data in a central dashboard to be very useful for their daily operations. Especially with scheduled tests, as they can now see how their geographically different network links are performing. Trustpower also expresses their satisfaction with proactive monitoring – rather than customers complaining, they can now determine and fix any issues before they reach the end-user.

Name: Trustpower
Industry: Utilities and Internet services
Use Case: Performance monitoring

NetBeez Solution Deployed

  • Cloud hosted BeezKeeper central server
  • Gigabit Ethernet Beez network monitoring sensors
  • Virtual Beez network monitoring sensors


  • Proactive Network Monitoring
  • Reduced Customer Complaints
  • Reduced Truck Rolls